Breaking the Bank (Industry)

Two interns’ experience at marketing tech startup, Mighty Deposits

As summer comes to a close, we reached out to two University of Chicago undergraduate students, Amy Ma and Sophia Wagner, working with one of our local FinTech startups — Mighty Deposits.

Mighty is a marketing tech startup, incubated at the Polsky Exchange, that works to organize consumer-facing data about the local and community impact of banks, such as their effects on small businesses, local farms, and minority issues. Through the organization of this data, they hope to facilitate a marketplace for the public to conduct impact banking, or, as they like to call it — banking at the intersection of money and meaning. Through Mighty’s online platform, individuals can view their personal banking footprint and build a banking portfolio to benefit the social and environmental issues they want to support.

Take a few minutes to learn more about Amy, Sophia, and Mighty Deposits below.

How did you spend your summer at Mighty?

current UChicago undergraduate student, Amy Ma

Amy: At my internship with Mighty Deposits, I mostly worked on our product to help people understand the social impact of their bank deposits and connect them with banks that match the impact they want to create. This involved creating mock-ups, user-testing, market research, and writing content.

Sophia: I wear many hats at Mighty. I’ve contributed to product development, created digital content including blog posts and videos, and coordinated projects between student groups and various stakeholders, among other things.

Why did you decide to intern at Mighty?

Amy: I decided to intern at Mighty because I was passionate about its mission to differentiate between banks and recognize community banks because these institutions are constantly influencing our society from the background. I got the internship by speaking directly with Megan, Mighty’s CEO, after a referral from a previous intern.

current UChicago undergrad student, Sophia Wagner

Sophia: I love that Mighty uses public data to promote informed decision-making. I joined Mighty because I wanted to be a part of this movement.

What did you do in your internship that you enjoyed the most?

Amy: The thing I enjoyed the most was contributing and collaborating during team strategy meetings because it challenged me to think hard about the future of Mighty and how we can do our effective work in the most efficient way.

Sophia: I enjoy the reactions I receive when I pepper my communications for Mighty with little-known, yet shocking statistics about the banking industry.

Any advice to other Chicago Booth/UChicago students looking to get involved in the FinTech/RegTech/InsurTech industry?

Amy: My advice would be to be passionate about what you’re doing and the work you’re contributing to. When you’re passionate, you can get over the hard days and challenges because your goal will keep you going.

Sophia: Even if there are no job postings, do whatever you can to get involved. I met the founders of Mighty Deposits by signing up to do a user test of the product and later asked about an internship.

Mighty is currently taking applications for its Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 internship positions, and is recruiting recent graduates for full time positions relevant to technology, analytics, marketing and sales. To learn more about these positions, write to with a note about your interests and background.