I would tell about my memories while 2018.

It was busy year. I finished my school where I studied almost all my life and I entered the university. It was a big twist in my life and mind. Since I left my school I no saw my classmates more. I hope we will fix it.

There are events that I remembered most of all.

Championship games became an interesting event this year. A lot of people from other countries want to talk with you and it’s really cool. I made new friends and they are good guys.

My friend invited me to festival of electronic music “AFP”. It is famous festival in our country, if you are from Russia, you must have heard about it. I live a stone’s throw from place where spend festival and I can go on foot on where. There were a lot of beautiful locations and electronic music, also a lot of good people who was dancing. It’s unforgettable atmosphere.

In November of this year I was at the concert.

It was a concert of popular rap performer “Markul”. It was a small hall, but I like it.

The year was awesome, the next year will be better else.