This nation needs an enema: California’s Prop 60 and the need to evolve.

Proposition 60 in California would mandate not only the use of condoms,dental dams,and goggles(?)on porn sets, but would also create a massive, draconian, almost Trump-esque enforcement system, whose main goal, I feel, is not health, but the death of filmed sexual entertainment.

Not to mention, the syphilitic sponsor and sole funder of this measure plans to follow porn actors and producers with this (there are already sex workers considering moving out of California if this happens to pass) to the ends of the earth.

In response to one performers post raising her concerns, I wrote the following response. It’s more that just health….it’s deeper…

The fact that I have seen no ads pro or con on 60, the fact that many people think of sex workers as somewhat below human, the fact that media constantly portrays women in adult poor unfortunates who must be saved from this sordid life (see SVU, any Quinn Martin production,etc), the fact that the Goddamned California Green Party, who should be on the side of this SUPPORTS 60, says a lot about the fest of sex that permeates this country.

This country's attitude towards sexuality, fantasized or real, is the laughing stock of the part if the world that believes in going forward, and I am tired of this. I'm tired of the fear. I'm tired of the shaming. I'm tired of people being embarrassed to talk about sex in real terms, especially those who need to hear about this. I'm tired mostly of the hypocrisy. I've seen it in our culture, our faith, our education, and Jesus, how much of that we've seen in politics in the last six months!

60 needs to be defeated....and hard. But it can't stop there. We need in this country the one thing that no one wants: a new sexual EVOLUTION. We need to take these antiquated, nonsensical, erotophobic notions....all of them...ALL. OF. THEM.... throw them in the pile and burn them.

We need to evolve.