Introducing Polybird

A global marketplace for securities on the blockchain

Business use-case: Shrinking public markets/growing private

Public markets in the United States have been shrinking for the last two decades. There were ~8,000 securities listed on NASDAQ and NYSE in the mid-90s. With an increase in GDP, population, business investment, and technological advancement, one would expect that today listed securities would have increased to ~20,000. On the contrary, it’s fallen 50% to ~4,000. There are many reasons for this decline, but all lead to the same conclusion: public markets cannot cater to large swaths of today’s economy.

Tech use-case: Internet of Value

Through the advent of the Internet, emails changed the way how information was relayed: internationally, in a click of a button, programmable, and in mass amounts. Similarly, through the advent of the Internet, blockchain has enabled the creation, management, storage, and transfer of assets that are natively digital. These natively digital assets, when legally backed by real-world assets (let’s say, private market securities), can garner the similar technological benefits of a cryptocurrency.

This process of creating a natively digital asset on the blockchain and backing it legally with real-world assets/securities is called tokenization and the digital assets created are known as tokens or coins.

Tokenization of securities will lead to more efficient capital markets with less counterparty-trading risk, enabling faster and cheaper issuances, settlements, and back-office processes. It will open up trillions of dollars worth of assets and on the other side, a large amount of capital/number of investors, both of which previously locked due to illiquidity, expensive processes, and higher barriers to entry in traditional capital markets.

Introducing Polybird

Polybird is a platform where you visualize the business and tech use cases combined, as described above.

Industry-leading Regulation and Compliance:

Through our affiliate, we are licensed in the United States via AX Trading LLC which is a registered Broker-Dealer/ATS and a member of FINRA/SIPC. AX Trading is a world-class fin-tech team that previously sold to the London Stock Exchange Group, is an investee of Credit Suisse and is partnered with NASDAQ and Euronext stock exchanges.

Benefits to clients (Initial Marketplace Offering + Liquidity)

Polybird is a global marketplace for securities tokens for companies to access private capital markets in a seamless manner. Issuers can issue tokens to raise capital and post-issuance, tokens can be traded on the platform (minus any lockup period). Issuers can also list existing tokenized products on Polybird.

Management and Advisors

Polybird is led by three co-founders. Abhijit, James, and I (Harish). Abhijit is our tech lead, James is our deals lead, and I am primarily into deals and business development. We are all in our 20s, full of young passion, energy, focus, and enthusiasm. Before starting Polybird, I was an Economist at Barclays and saw the vision of digital assets upending Wall Street. So I quit Wall Street to start Polybird and got VERY lucky to meet Abhijit and James in the journey who agreed to join Polybird as cofounders.

Let’s get the conversation started…

We are building a marketplace for private markets, on the blockchain. Over time we’ll realize which illiquid assets make sense to be tokenized and which doesn’t. We have signed a number of agreements and LoI and are accepting listings, both pre-STO and post-STO. You can directly email me at to get the conversation started with the team.

A global marketplace for tokenized securities

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