Fall Video Game Releases: What Will I Be Playing

As with every year, there is a slew of big games releasing between September 1st and the end of December. From Destiny 2, to Super Mario Odyssey and the next installment of the Star Wars Battlefront series. There is something for everyone, on every platform. The switch trying to hit another beloved IP homerun with Mario, PC getting in on the Destiny game and Total War Warhammer 2 following up on last year’s success, and both the Xbox One and the PS4 having a somewhat light exclusive season, but Crackdown 3 is finally releasing and hopefully lives up to the original.

Were I younger, or blessed with much more free time, I would play lots of these games. I would already own Madden, and make it a priority to get Forza 7. Throw in Middle Earth: Shadow of War, TW: Warhammer 2 and I would be well setup into the new year. I don’t game like that anymore however. I almost exclusively play multiplayer games due to it being a way to stay in touch, and allowing me to play for short bursts of time that are easy to pick up and drop.

This year there is a huge set of FPS games coming to market that are each going to have a large following, CoD WWII, Destiny 2, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Nothing original of course, but I won’t cry about that here.

First is Destiny 2. Destiny still very much feels like it is trying to find how it lives in today’s gaming landscape. Have enough story to keep people interested. Make encounters that are compelling. Balance gear, and PvP, and super powers, all while keeping people tuned into your game while other, more casual friendly, AAA titles pop up around it. I had issues with the first game personally, but now with a smaller group of friends playing, they may not be as many party issues and small group sizes hindering the social aspect of gaming.

Second is CoD WWII . Going back to WWII is a huge move for the franchise. After fans being ho hum on the last 2 or 3 CoD titles, complaining about them being very samey and too future oriented, they have gone back to WWII after watching the Battlefield series have lots of positive press and consumer feedback from their own jump to the past with Battlefield 1. A year late will still probably be enough for the behemoth that is Call of Duty, but if they have any other stumbles in the launch or support of the game it will probably start to hurt the brand. I have Battlefield 1, and with all the free DLC that I have not really played, I don’t think I need another early war shooter, and I prefer the large format warfare of the Battlefield series anyway.

Lastly will be Star Wars Battlefront 2, that is following a fairly successful relaunch of the franchise, though it had it’s own issues. The largest for most fans being that there was no single player campaign. That has been added for the second installment, and they seem to have figured out that fans don’t like paying 60 dollars for a game, then 30 dollars every other month for DLC. SWBF2 will not have any paid DLC and from early looks will have a much expanded starfighter mode including maps from the Clone Wars era. I am both most excited for this title, and fairly hesitant. The guns did not feel good in the last attempt, and the starfighter mode had almost no variation. That coupled with paid DLC and a very, very non-competitive shooter atmosphere definitely caused me to play less of it that I thought I would.

There are games for everyone coming out this fall, on any platform, and most of us haven’t even cracked the surface on the games we purchased during the Steam Summer Sale. Either way have a great day and happy gaming.