Join the Polygene Ambassador Program and Shape the Future of Web3 SocialFi

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2 min readApr 10, 2023

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Polygene is proud to announce the launch of its Ambassador Program, aimed at recruiting passionate individuals worldwide to promote the Web3 SocialFi concept, increase brand awareness, and grow our community. With a duration of 3 months, this program offers participants the opportunity to make a real impact while enjoying exclusive rewards.


The primary objective of the Polygene Ambassador Program is to recruit Ambassadors from around the world who share our vision and are committed to promoting the Web3 SocialFi concept. By increasing Polygene’s brand awareness and influence, we can strengthen our community and enhance the adoption of our platform.

Application Process:

  1. Registration: To become a Polygene Ambassador, register on the Google Form
  2. Approval Process: Applications will be reviewed by the Polygene official team, ensuring that only dedicated and passionate individuals join our Ambassador ranks.
  3. Receive Tasks: Approved Polygene Ambassadors will receive designated tasks from the official team. Tasks may include organizing offline events and promoting the Web3 SocialFi concept.
  4. Event Execution: Ambassadors will organize offline events in their local areas, focusing on introducing the Web3 SocialFi concept, presenting Polygene products, and sharing Polygene application cases. These events will play a crucial role in expanding our community and spreading our vision.
  5. Report Completion: After completing their tasks and events, Polygene Ambassadors must submit a report detailing their achievements to Polygene officials.


As a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication, Polygene Ambassadors will enjoy several exclusive rewards:

  • Official recognition as a Polygene Ambassador
  • 10 Polygene Official Hoodies
  • $100 worth of USDT in Polygene Tokens

The Polygene Ambassador Program presents a unique opportunity for individuals who share our vision to actively contribute to the growth and success of Polygene. By promoting the Web3 SocialFi concept, our Ambassadors will play a crucial role in shaping the future of decentralized social platforms.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Register today on the official Polygene website and become an integral part of our growing community. Together, we can revolutionize the world of social media and usher in a new era of Web3 SocialFi.



Polygene Official

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