All About Dogira

In an attempt to reward gamers for their time and expertise on a game and for them to own their gaming assets, the idea blockchain p2e was coined. Dogira on the other hand, aims to house many p2e games, making it a gaming ecosystem. Built on Polygon, it only gets cheaper here, so no need to worry about gas fees whilst gaming and slow transactions — gaming on Dogira eco will be a lovely experience. Don’t fret!

Brief History

Formerly a community token, the word ‘Dogira’ was formed from Doge+Godzilla. Dogira started as a meme-coin with no utility, but things changed — the project grew faster than they thought. Hence, Kit, the founder, handed over the project to Eoghan with the help of other new advisors. Dogira is now what it is: A Gaming Ecosystem.


Dogira is made up of 6 core team members, which are:

1.) Eoghan Hayes is the project lead and an experienced developer who released the game, ‘Split or Steal’ on Steam, which amassed 150,000 downloads. Aside from that, he most notably was among the original Dogecoin team in 2013/14.

2.) Daniel Gooding is the Operations Manager at Dogira who studied Blockchain-enabled business, and Development Blockchain Strategy at RMIT University. He’s also the co-founder of the ADAPT crypto trading group.

3. Skyler Ramsey is the CMO at Dogira. He’s been involved in crypto since 2016/17 and was a former United States Marine for 4 years.

4. Mary Mabiruna is an in-house artist and designer at Dogira. She graduated from the South Russian Humanitarian Institute’s Department of Graphic Design and Arts — with about 10–15 years in the graphic space, she’s grown and proven to be a top artist.

5. Elijah Macdougall is the writer and comms guy at Dogira with a lifetime of experience in copywriting, he’s well equipped for his role.

6. Caroline Conway is the Managing Director at Dogira with years of experience in sales, marketing, brand development, and management. She graduated from University College of Cork in 2014 with a Masters in Marketing Management.

One thing you can notice is their team is all doxed, and with several audits too — Dogira is rug free!


Dogira V1 was based on meme tokenomics. However, it got updated to V2, which will rely on broader tokenomics, which meant an increase in supply to sustain the gaming and defi new developments which increased the supply to 1billion tokens. Afterward, all hodlers received a 1:10 scaling on their tokens against the increase in supply, ie if you hodl 1,000 Dogira tokens you’ll be airdropped, 10,000 tokens, still maintaining the previous token value — this airdrop was done on Saturday, September 18th across all Cexs and Dexs where Dogira is traded.



Dofi means Dogira Finance. This aims to launch a full-fledged staking pool with fixed length and zero commitment contracts on the polygon network using the COMPOUND base, which will allow them to integrate new tokens into the Dogira ecosystem and reward farmers/ stakers — these new tokens will be from high-quality projects discovered by the Dogira team across the crypto space.

Also, note that 10% of the previously locked Dogira supply will be released over a 6month period once a staking farm is launched and reward rates will be based on individual commitment levels.

Gaming (Dogira Studios)

First, let’s understand the tokenomics of gaming in Dogira. Dogira Studios will house p2e games that would like to use Dogira tech or influence to launch their games, whilst still under Dogira gaming eco. The Dogira token will be the gold standard for game tokens that will launch on Dogira. These game tokens, on the other hand, will have their in-game currencies too. When I say the gold standard I mean — just like real currencies, the dollar is backed by the infrastructure supporting it, trade, people, government, etc. This also applies to the Dogira token; currency A of game A will be backed by the Dogira token and the ecosystem supporting it.

Hence, the aim is to merge multiple p2e games under Dogira but not have Dogira token as the primary gaming token, because it could be catastrophic.

Dogira will function as a trading token paired with other p2e games tokens to stake and earn rewards.

For a new project, things are going smoothly, as planned for Dogira, with 3 projects launched/partnering with them; two an independent project and the other in-house. Let’s take a look at them:


Well it’s just a name, it’s not the ‘inu’, memecoin frenzy. HanzoInu is a MMORPG (an online video game in which a large number of people play simultaneously) p2e game project. It’s the first project to launch on Dogira.

It launched its NFT collection on 15th of January, 2022, using the Chainlink VRF tech at Dogira’s disposal, which will be talked about later. You can access the Nft collection, Hanzo Founders Collection, at

Staking is live, Dogira hodlers can stake their tokens for $Hanzo tokens — with $Hanzo rewards for a full year.

For Dofi, everything is moving just as planned.


You damn right! Yes, the number one community token at Polygon partnered with Dogira. That’s bullish!!

So let’s get to it; Dogira will be integrating Polydoge’s tokens and NFTs into their DoFi platform. while they are advised on integrating blockchain tech into their games. These are the key things Dogira will do to support Polydoge:

1.) Implement P2e blockchain elements into their games.

2.) Analyse and improve their logic. Chainlink VRF comes in handy.

3.) Advise on future NFT sales and utility development.

You’ll also be able to stake Dogira to earn Polydoge token rewards in the future — not only PD tokens but their in-game NFTs too — which will launch soon, MetaPetz.

Dogira will provide guidance and assistance to Polydoge in general.


Gooeys is a p2e game developed by Dogira Studios. Started with an NFT collection of 1,000 rare adorable Gooeys. Early minting started on March 11th to March 20th while public minting on March 25th — art reveal on the 28th of the same month. Each Gooey will have different colors, body shapes, masks, and other traits.

The gameplay: if you successfully minted a Gooey, you’ll be able to start playing from April 1st. In this game, you can loan or sell your Gooey to new players. You can breed a Gooey by pairing your existing Gooey with another in your collection — whether rented or bought — to create a brand new Gooey.

Each Gooey will have different stats which will make them better or worse at different tasks in the game. Note! Caring for your Gooey will enable them to pass better stats to their offspring.

Gameplay will be adjusted via player feedback.

Dogira Studios will launch an inflationary token called GOO — for use in Gooey.

ChainLink VRF

On the 18th of September 2021, Dogira integrated Chainlink Variable Random Function on the polygon chain. This will be a backbone pillar for Dogira’s gaming ecosystem — this helps them integrate Link’s tech into their products: Games, NFT, or staking mechanics. Almost everything in gaming requires and is built on some sort of randomness. Usually, this is done through a centralized server and it has its risks — less possibility of data backup, being highly dependent on network connectivity, etc. Therefore, Chainlink VRF allows on-chain connectivity, full-service randomness, and added benefits like transparency, security, and majorly decentralization.

Chainlink VRF is also used in Dogira’s NFT lottery. If a Dogira hodler has small tokens and doesn’t want to commit to a long-term staking for tokens or NFTs, you can stake them in the NFT lottery and you’ll earn a ticket based on how many tokens are staked and how long —Chainlink VRF then picks the winning ticket and awards the bounty of prizes through verified on-chain randomness to the lucky winners 🤭, oh I meant stakers!

And guess what, you don’t have to expose yourself to impermanent loss as this lottery will be made available to liquidity stakers and single token stakers , all thanks to Chainlink VRF 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


2022 is for web3 and every project has to be up to date. Decentralization is the key to blockchain innovation and with DAOs it reaches its aim. Dogira won’t fall short of this!

It started on Dec 19th, 2021 with a series of votes; for you to be able to vote — you’ll have to have unstaked your tokens from the single-sided and LP pools. Once that is done, you can cast your votes, the snapshot will be taken once that is done and you can return to your pools and stake. Note: if you’re an LP provider, you don’t need to break down your LP pair tokens.

Dogira’s DAO is available at Snapshot.eth.

What a ride! Dogira is up for great accomplishments as it’ll soon launch its first game. Gamers get ready, you don’t wanna miss out.



Crypto Technical writer.

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