Meet Ash Ngu, Intern!

Last month, Ash Ngu began as our 3rd-ever intern. Here’s a brief background about her experience before joining the Polygraph team.

Hey, I’m Ash, also known as “The Third Polygraph Intern” (just kidding, no one calls me that). Primarily, I am a designer interested in crafting ways for people to understand and care for the world. At Polygraph, we accomplish this by making visible the complex and hidden patterns of society through well-crafted data, code, and prose.

This summer, I am focusing on stories around gender and racial bias in media, a topic in which I have deep personal interest. I once met a journalist who described her job as “being curious and getting paid to investigate the things I’m curious about.” Working here, is exactly that. I get to explore topics I am intrinsically drawn towards. That list goes on and on with a backlog of ideas scribbled down, like the rise of corporate pinkwashing, comparisons of metropolitan subway systems, and the quirks of wedding notices in The New York Times.

After this internship, I will be returning to Stanford to check off a few to dos. One, finish up my master’s in computer science. Two, continue mentoring CS undergrads to develop and wield their abilities wisely. Three, learn more about craft and design of self-made products in the product realization shop. And four, continue growing intellectually and emotionally under the California sun I call home.

Find me on the internet at

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