I’ve been using Macbooks for a decade and I’ve had as many good experiences as bad ones.
Pier Bover

I’m guessing that you’re referring to the Quad-core i7 in the 15" rMBP. If that’s the case- the one Apple is using currently in the 15" rMBP is the 4th Generation Haswell which means it’s actually 2 generations older than the latest version available- which is the 6th Generation Skylake- the 7th Generation Kaby Lake is yet to available in the Quad-core configuration. If you were to look on Intel ARK website- the only version of the 7th generation listed as available are the low voltage (7W and 15W) dual-core processors. Btw, for the 15", it would have to be the 47W TDP processors (and the 23-28W for the 13" rMBP).

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