I am red ink on lines inside a ledger a turning wheel and power the machine I am industrial evolution I am vetted weighed and measured I am background-cleared and investigated I am dressed in all the trappings of a modern man I am ambition that is impressed upon, I am ambition without native wellspring and I am function potential and execution.

I am grist in metal teeth and I am ligament between striving bone I am spine behind the form, I am firmament and mundane. I am racing and compared I am a name spoken through office air I am hungry for recognition I’m to be my own leg up and professional face through vicious competition I am earnings and a living I am in repayment without forgiving I am he who takes the calls I am the solution and the problems I hope are mine alone to solve

I am red ink on lines inside a ledger I am middling in the metrics. I am false smiles in amongst the danger I am an ear I listen for a whisper in the water. I am false heart that beats an unfamiliar rhythm I am blood that turns to ice even as it quickens I am papers I have to keep for years I am asset daily volumes and career.

I am an outstretched hand and arm, I am trembling in my yearning I bear weight I never wanted and hear my bones so brittle with the undertaking I am shoulders under a gold yoke chafing I am my back’s ardent arch and its reluctant taming I am my gaze fixed firmly at the pyramid’s top I am desire, I wish I could do the enslaving.

I am red tape upon my leaving I am exit interviews and disappointment and a fulfilled prophecy about my generation I am soon to be mere memory I am the one who didn’t make it and they’ll wonder how I’m doing. I am going to be a recollection an offhand rumor of his new direction, the infrequent contact in eons after I am a name crossed out inside a ledger.

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