Handle With Care…

Have you ever decided to send that special something to your bestest friend? You head out to the shops full of hope and inspiration. You start with a wonderful coffee in your favourite coffee shop then you put on your thinking cap and off you go. Where to first? You come to that shop that you simply love and can’t help but to go in and have a look. There it is…. staring you in the face — that amazing gift that says everything about you and your bestie. You just have to have it! You know she will love it ~ so with a smile and a spring in your step you utter those words “I’ll have it, please” ~ “No problem” the assistant says. “However, this is the last one and we do not have the box, we can give you discount” she says…. you’re lucky day or what!

Precious and delicate!

You skip through the rest of your day and head home to rest your tired feet. You get home, kick those shoes off and place your bags delicately on the floor. You instinctively reach for the kettle and and sit down with one almighty ahhhhhhhhh, enjoying that feeling of satisfaction as you savor a good productive day.

Then comes the fun! You get that perfect gift out to have another look and admire your choice of selection. Suddenly it hits you…….. how on earth am I going to package this up to send in the post…. help!……

I have no idea what to do now!

Here is where we at Poly Postal Packaging can help you. No matter how big, small, shape or size, we can provide you with the packaging you need. We supply everything from…

Bubble Wrap

Tissue Papers


Bubble Lined Bags

Packaging Tapes

Clothing Bags

Cello Bags

Grip Seal Bags

Bespoke Packaging ….. and so much more!

Everything you need for packaging is online just for you. Come and see for yourself — visit www.polypostalpackaging.com and simply get in touch if you need to ask any questions. Our highly trained team are always on hand to help out.

Don’t worry about the horror stories you read about delivery companies and how they handle your precious cargo — with the right packaging at your end everything will be safe and secure

Let us take the stress away for the simple yet important things in life.

Online Packaging at your service….
Poly Postal Packaging