Moving House Is Easy….. Right?

By Gwen Baird for Poly Postal Packaging

Are you ready for this? Make it fun and create happy memories.

Okay, so you find that property of your dreams. All is wonderful in the world. The excitement levels are off the scale and you soon start to imagine what is going where and the dreams jump up to the next level.

Then…. reality kicks in! There are two ways you can handle this…..

One ~ You just stress and everything becomes such a problem and hassle, then you start to ask “what have we done?” followed quickly with tears and tantrums or….

Two ~ You get organised and follow some great advice from the people who have been there, done that, and got a wardrobe full of the t-shirts.

Talking of wardrobes… drawers… cupboards… not forgetting the contents of the garage etc… get where I am coming form? Where do you start? Well a good place is thinking about what you need to get your valuables safe and sound from A-B. That is where we come in! After you have got that moving date (you don’t have as much time as you may think!) you decide what has to be done. Book the removals, sort out the time off work, sort out the little treasures such as kids and pets etc. Then the big one….. you have to start packing! Yes you may think you will get that done over a weekend! Think again! You will need packing boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing tape, labels….. phew! Now you are ready!

The choice is yours!

The secret is definitely to keep calm and be organised.

Look at it all as a big adventure and a new chapter in your life. Have fun and create memories that you will laugh about in the years to come.

  1. Book Removals
  2. Order you packaging materials
  3. Start packing the items you know you won’t need for a week or two
  4. Start to empty that freezer, cook cook and keep cooking
  5. Great opportunity to replenish the Charity Shop shelves ;)
  6. Get your change of address’s sorted
  7. Set up the mail re-direction before you move!
  8. Book the kennels for any animals you have
  9. Book Granny for any young kids you have ;)
  10. Book leave from work

Give yourself time and space to cope with the transition and the goodbyes.

Let us here at Poly Postal Packaging make life a little easier for you along the way.

Have a “relaxed” and “Stress Free” move. Make it a fun time and create happy memories along the way. TAKE CONTROL!

We will be along soon with more posts, until them, safe travels.

Chat soon.
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