Poly Smart Chain works with TRON DAO to bring USDT and USDC from the TRON network into Poly Smart Chain

Dear members of the Poly Smart Chain community:

We are pleased to announce that Poly Smart Chain and TRON DAO will work together to issue PEC-20 USDT and USDC tokens on Poly Smart Chain. This decision demonstrates our mutual support for interoperability within the block chain ecosystem.

About Poly Smart Chain

We are entering the Metaverse Poly Smart Chain to make it better. Poly Smart Chain is built on the performance layer to achieve high transaction speeds without affecting de-centralization. Poly Smart Chain products and ecosystems allow entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to build high-performance, feature-rich block chain projects on enhanced EVM-compatible platforms. A series of original features and protocols are designed to support users’needs for speed, privacy, availability, and liquidity.

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The world’s leading blockchain.

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