How to deposit on Polysports using INR ()?

4 min readOct 19, 2022


Watch the video here ⬇ How to deposit on Polysports using INR(₹)

In our previous articles, we have shared the steps to buy PS1 on various centralized and decentralized exchanges. Click here to know how. Now you can also buy PS1 within the Polysports app and convert it to game coins in a few easy steps.

In this article, we share the steps to deposit PS1 on the Polysports app.

There are mainly 2 steps to deposit on Polysports:

Step 1 -> Buy PS1

Step 2 -> Convert PS1 to Game Coins

Step 1: Buy PS1

1.1: Go to and, download and install the Polysports app

1.2: Open the Polysports App

Go to the Wallet section & Click on ‘Buy/Sell PS1'

1.3: Select ‘Buy/Sell PS1 with INR(₹)

1.4: Enter the amount in INR, check the transaction summary, and then click ‘Buy PS1'

Note: Minimum amount to enter is ₹100

1.5: Copy the UPI id ‘onmeta@upi’ and paste it into your preferred UPI App (Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.)

1.6: Transfer the exact amount of INR you entered in step 1.5 in your UPI APP and complete the transaction

1.7: Copy and paste the ‘UTR number’ (Transaction ID) from the UPI app to Polysports

1.8: Wait for the Transaction to happen, once transaction is done successfully, your PS1 amount will reflect in Polysports Blockchain Wallet

1.9: PS1 will reflect in your blockchain wallet

Step 2: Convert PS1 to Game Coins

2.1: In the wallet section, select ‘Deposit

2.2: Enter the amount of PS1 you want to convert to Game Coins and then click on ‘Deposit’.

Note: Do check exciting deposit offers for cashback.

2.3: A preview is shown for the conversion rate, click ‘Deposit’ to confirm. Wait for the transaction to complete and then click on ‘OK’

2.4: The deposit amount will reflect in the ‘Amount Added’ in Game Wallet

There you go, by following these easy steps you can deposit in Polysports with INR within the app.

Happy Playing!!

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