How to withdraw from Polysports in USD ($)?

3 min readOct 19, 2022


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There are multiple options available for withdrawing your winnings on the Polysports app. You can choose to withdraw in the currency of your choice. In this article, we show you how to withdraw your winnings in USD($) using a Debit or Credit card.

There are 2 requirements for the first withdrawal.

1: Verify your phone number.

2: Deposit at least 25 PS1

1: Let’s see first, how to verify the phone number?

1:1 Click on ‘Verify’

1:2 Enter your mobile number and click on ‘Verify’

1:3 Enter OTP received on the provided mobile number and click on ‘Verify’

1.4: Great! Phone verification is done. Now let’s see ‘How to deposit Game Coins’

2: How to deposit 25 PS1

Click here for the steps on ‘How to deposit in Polysports’

Note# Once both conditions (Phone verification & deposit of Game Coins) are fulfilled, you can now withdraw.

Follow the below steps to withdraw:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Buy/Sell’ in the Blockchain Wallet Section

Step 2: Click on ‘Buy/Sell MATIC using credit/debit card’

Step 3: ‘Enter the amount’ you want to withdraw in Matic. You’ll see a preview in USD($)

Note# There will be low Transactions fees

Step 4: Enter your email ID and click continue (Only for 1st Time users)

Step 4.1: ‘Enter the OTP’ received in your email ID

Step 4.2: ‘Enter your name’ and click on ‘Send’

Step 5: Click on “Choose payment method”

Step 6: Choose your ‘Preferred Withdrawal Method’

Step 7: Enter your card details and click on ‘Pay’

Complete the transaction and you will receive USD($) in the bank account linked to your card.

There you go, by following these easy steps you can withdraw your winnings in USD on Polysports.

Happy Playing!!

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