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As financial securities become increasingly complex, demand has grown steadily for professionals who not only understand the complex mathematical models that price these securities, but who are able to enhance them to generate profits and reduce risk.

The goal of building your Quant team is to use knowledge of finance, machine learning, statistics, and programming to create quantitative signals automatically identifying what stocks to buy/sell for your wealth fund.

Why now is the right time to build your Quant team?

Alternative Data is Untapped Alpha. “The biggest opportunity for investors in this decade comes from the signals buried in the data generated by the digital economy. Alternative data is the deepest…

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1. Data Engineering — Fast start

‘A scientist can discover a new star, but he cannot make one. He would have to ask an engineer to do it for him.’ — Gordon Lindsay Glegg

Nowadays everybody wants to be a Data Scientist. What about Data Engineers? Do not take it personally, but in fact, Data Scientists are as good as the quality of data they are provided with. …

Yan Parker

Helping better understand your data #DataEngineering #DataScience #ETL #datapipelines #ApacheSpark #Scala #MachineLearning #AI #DataDriven |

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