Antiy Labs Joins PolySwarm Network to Protect Enterprises Against Malware

December 19, 2018

Today PolySwarm announced its partnership with Antiy Labs to further advance its ecosystem of quality malintent detection. Antiy will integrate its malware detection engine into the PolySwarm’s network.

AVL SDK for Network is Antiy’s commercial product used in document and file scanning for malware, which will be added to the PolySwarm marketplace to further invigorate the rapidly expanding decentralized network that PolySwarm is cultivating. AVL SDK is an antivirus engine that can be used in network devices, including NGFW, UTM, router and so on, to detect malware and spyware on Windows platform. It can effectively discover the potential high-level threats through deep analysis of network traffic with several methods. In network devices, it combines several kinds of information, such as IP address, URL, heads of package and so on, to accurately detect malware from multi-levels of package, stream, file fragment and complete file and find the potential advanced threats.

“Considering the existing shortage of talented security experts in the market and the increasingly high costs of R&D, we look forward to expanding our coverage with PolySwarm’s crowdsourced network of specialized security experts, and consuming the marketplace’s threat intelligence feeds” Said Zhiming Tong, Head of Antiy Labs antivirus.

With this partnership, PolySwarm continues to expand its open and crowdsourced ecosystem by onboarding new anti-malware engines, allowing them to generate passive income for accurately detecting threats and access a vast stream of malware samples to improve their products while providing broader, more accurate protection for consumers.

“We are very excited to have Antiy join the growing network of PolySwarm’s micro-engines,” said Steve Bassi, PolySwarm CEO. “As the number of powerful security engines in the PolySwarm network expands, so does the coverage against threats, ensuring enterprises are properly fortified against evolving malware.”

About Antiy

Antiy is a leading company in threat detection and defense, whose products and services covers many countries. Antiy has grown from a small group focusing on anti-virus engine into a big team with 6 research centers. Based on a number of self-owned advanced technologies, among which next-generation engine of threat detection, integrated human-machine analysis, artificial intelligence, providing customers a portfolio of endpoint protection, network monitor, deep analysis, rapid response.