Liberal Democrats, here's what you need to do to win the UK election.
Helen De Cruz

Okay, you chose the wrong horse (Macron) to boost your hopes. The mommy’s boy is deeply unpopular and became the lesser evil under Le Pen’s shadow. He will fail because he was the one “who could never lose.” These types have no backbone. Wait until the parliamentary elections. And don’t forget he was created, packaged, promoted, supported, and launched by the establishment he claims he opposes. He is dishonest to begin with (a Tony Blair with less skills).

Conservatives are ahead by as much as 46% over pathetic Labour. They have obviously organized a Blitzkrieg offensive. I’m not enamored of them… but… how do you control the battlefield (i.e. you Lib Dems) when you have no attack force, no reserves, and no logistical base to fight the war?

I have watched for decades “progressive” forces founder because of air-headed beliefs. Measure your real strength (if you honestly can) and find a niche you can control. A tough job when you think you can create something out of nothing.

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