Taking our three personas: borrower, event-goer, and social butterfly into consideration, we matched the features with these three types of residents.

For Borrowers:

Lending and Borrowing

For Event-Goers:

Creating Event

Implementing our idea in events

Brand Language

We think that this is a good time to coin down our brand language as we are looking into kicking off the first event this month. This would be beneficial for a consistent brand image for our future events and design solutions.

The main idea is simple: we want it to look friendly, fun, and approachable.

Logo and imagery

At first we explored different styles of smiley faces:

Three ideas and initial prototyping

Our general direction

From our research and the constraints of the building policies, we decided to focus our solutions to a more passive interaction. We want to try some different ideas on delivering messages on the door, which has two advantages. 1) people feel more comfortable putting things up on their own doors as it is a still part of people’s “comfort zones” 2) people do notice others’ doors 3)having things on the door DOES make people feel more welcomed

Idea 1 — “let your neighbors get to know you”

Community: Phase 02

Design Opportunity

Rental communities in Pittsburgh have frequent turnovers and thus members of these communities don’t usually know their neighbors. We want to enable members of rental communities in Pittsburgh to share resources and connect with each other.

Pittsburgh’s local identity

A city broken up into 90 neighborhoods, Pittsburgh has long been associated with the concept of communities based upon location. This was only further reiterated with the famous PBS show, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” which was filmed locally in Squirrel Hill. Although this show was broadcast all across the US, the sentiment behind the show’s opening message of “Won’t you be my neighbor?” is one…

Persuasion 2019

Chloe, Sherry, Maddie, Ethan, Sharon

Project Brief (Chloe)

For this project, the initial research question was, how can we save paper used by printers shared spaces? Our team mainly focused on reducing paper waste and encouraging recycling within the printing system through pain-points research and prototyping potential nudges to successfully answer the initial research question and impact users’ behavior within the printing system.

Problem Space (Chloe)

The entire campus is expected to participate in Carnegie Mellon’s Recycling Program actively and waste reduction efforts due to the CMU Sustainability Policy. …

Research on care pathways and electronic health records

Research Goal

Our goal is to discover and design new delivery experiences for information used in the healthcare setting: structured data, open notes from electronic healthcare records, and care procedures from clinical pathways. We will take steps to investigate new and more effective presentations of this information to patients (e.g., graphics, abstracted, conversational). The goal is to close the communication gap between patients and members of a clinical care team.

Our original assumption is that a natural language processing system would help improve the time spent on searching for care pathways.


From our research, we found that clinicians are only looking at…

Sherry Wu

CMU Design 2020

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