I Trust Patrick McCarthy. You can, too.

Patrick and I loved getting to talk to people at Bulky Waste Day!

I’ve served on a lot of boards and commissions in Pomfret over my 25 years volunteering in town, and one thing I have learned is the importance of a board that works well together. When Jim Rivers asked me to be his running mate, I readily accepted, and I learned a lot from Jim about how best to serve Pomfret. A board works well together when the members of the board complement each other.

Patrick McCarthy will be an excellent addition to the Board of Selectmen in our town. He has lived in our town for nearly thirty years. In that time, he has been an active member of Christ Church, raised three children, sending them to PCS and Woodstock Academy, and teaching first in Putnam and now at Rectory School. As Patrick says, in the past he has always been able to trust the management of our town. Now, he’s not so sure. The past two years have him concerned, as are many other citizens. I know he’s decided to get involved to make a positive contribution and alleviate people’s concerns.

Like State Representative Pat Boyd, Patrick comes to running for office after years of teaching American history and government. I think its great that someone who has taught the importance of public service and civic involvement is now stepping up to lead our town in a big way.

As a teacher, he knows a thing or two about paying attention and doing research — much-needed qualities in a Board of Selectmen. He isn’t a yes-man and he doesn’t go along to get along. He views the role of selectman as one should: An active participant of a board who must work with the First Selectman and keep the interests of the town at heart. I know that Patrick will put in the time and effort necessary to make a significant contribution to our town. I would not have asked him to join me if I didn’t think he would help get Pomfret back on track. I’ve enjoyed campaigning with him and in 22 days, I hope that you’ll give him your vote. Together, we will work to restore confidence in Pomfret.


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