Going hands-free! How voice care techs help caregivers to save time and money!

3 min readDec 27, 2021
Alexa for voice caregiving
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Heard it right!

Voice care techs are the new kid on the block. With the freedom to just speak your needs, it’s been grabbing eyeballs lately.

Voice care helps you set up things via commands so you go truly hands-free. It’s easy, quick, and responsive.

It’s more than that genie wish granting story. It’s for real, it’s the future of proactive smart techs. With smart speakers like Alexa and Google Nest, it’s the way to go forward.

Short commands are good enough to set up reminders, timer alerts, and prompts. They don’t require you to fiddle on your phone and save that dreaded extra screen time. Perfect for older adults who hate using phone screens or typing touch keypads. There is no learning curve!

Just talking can get you going without the need to constantly check on your phone and fear not, rescheduling alerts is easy as ever.

In 2021

Voice care solutions are booming in the market and users are head over heels for it.

Here’s why!

We break down the reasons why voice care apps can help you reduce care costs for good.

Voice care technology hacks & pros

  1. They are responsive and hands-free, it can cut costs and the need for an in-home caregiver for good! Although caregiving apps can never fill in for in-person care, they can nevertheless cut hours of hiring professional care. Well, that’s a pro.
  2. They require no additional equipment cost or monitor setups like smart bands or wearables. Just you and your Alexa and you’re good to go.
  3. It saves your work time. Just say it out loud and let Alexa do it, so no need to take breaks from work mode. Goodbye work interruptions.
  4. Elders find it engaging and resourceful. Yes, it helps a ton with consistent reminders and activity trackers that help them get moving on time. Voice care solutions for the elderly are the future of empowered caregiving.
  5. Save on hospital bills. It can prevent unforeseen circumstances like accidental falls or injuries and helps your loved ones stay healthy and age in place.
    It also helps in keeping general wellness with consistent medication reminders alongside repeated hydration and snack time alerts to ensure your loved ones never miss out on their daily nutrients. As a result, they fall less sick and you save on unwarranted doctor bills. Lifesaver goals!
  6. Get your travel bags ready! It can really save you some vacation time with remote caregiving via smart proactive voice care apps that access daily activity reports you can check up on your loved ones all along.
    Having a family care app can save you some extra holiday time!
  7. It can save you trips! Driving over to your loved ones' place can be really impossible at times. Schedule weekly video calls with your mom and dad to spend some priceless family time.
  8. Relax! Help your loved ones stay connected and centered with daily night meditations. They can even name their favorite song to play or engage in an interactive memory game. Ideal for elders just let them say out their favorite song and it plays.
  9. Save money with economical pricing. Caregiver apps like BrioCare come with a one year free subscription and it’s really worth a try.
  10. Automation using smart voice caregiver apps like BrioCare helps in budgeting senior care and effective cost management. So go ahead and automate all routines.

Bonus tip!

Smart automation helps-

Maintain timely refills and reminders that can prevent overbuying or unforeseen costs.

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