Want to live 100 healthy years?

5 min readJul 27, 2021

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If a 100-year life and longevity are your plans, so here’s what you got to wish for!

Gardening may well be the hobby that helps you slide into your 100s and help you age in place happily ..

Enthusiasts of all the world’s centenarians have one common hobby: gardening. Can you lengthen your life and drop your stress levels by extending the pursuit, too?

So community gardens seem like the place to be in…

People living in their 100s have certain factors in common — social support networks, daily exercising habits, and a plant-based vegan or low gluten diet, for starters.

But here’s it -they share another unexpected commonality.

In each community, people are gardening well into maturity and old age — their 80s, 90s, and beyond.

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Photo by Darran Shen on Unsplash

Go Garden for long life!

So what do y’all think? Could nurturing your specialty facilitate your life to a 100? It can be a minimum of a mood elevator atleast.

It is well-known that an outward lifestyle with moderate physical activity is linked to longer life, and gardening is quite straightforward thanks to accomplishing both.

If you garden, you’re definitely getting some low-intensity physical activity most days and you tend to figure it out quite routinely as a practice.

Folks, there’s evidence that gardeners live longer and are a lot less stressed. A spread of interesting studies has confirmed this, pointing to both the physical and mental state benefits of regular gardening habits. The gardeners not only had lower levels of the stress and strain hormone cortisol afterward, they also felt mentally “fully rejuvenated and restored” to a decent mood.

Gardening improves dementia! Goals!

Do you know? A quite 36% lower risk of dementia among avid regular gardeners than their non-gardening counterparts is recorded.

Preliminary research among elderly people suffering from chronic cognitive issues (such as dementia and Alzheimer’s) has reported significant benefits from regular garden settings and horticulture therapy.

A lot of sunlight and fresh free air, as an example, help quite a few agitated elders feel a lot calmer, while the variety of colors and textures of assorted plants, flowers, and vegetables can improve both their visual and tactile ability.

There is no ambrosia for growing old but, the science suggests, gardening does appear to boost and enhance our quality of life as we age in place.

Let nature nurture you…Ain’t that exciting enough?

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Back to square one...

It’s not nearly elderly health effects, either the social and interactive benefits of gardening can even increase longevity. In the world’s highest group of centenarians, at approximations of 50 per 100,000 people. Quite a lot of residents maintain small personal gardens well into their adulthood...

Gardening for elders. The natural route!

That gardening helps with other quite essential, if somewhat more on the ephemeral side, which factors in increasing longevity or give a reason for living.

Gardening gives you that something to wake up for each day.

On top of that, it might be a need for high level of social connectedness. Getting together at a local market, bringing your produce while sharing your latest creations from the garden could be a big group learning action. That certainly helps people feel grounded, curious, and connected.

Doctors can now officially prescribe a nature homecoming to treat a spread of chronic ailments, including reducing stress and anxiety and to boost overall sense of contentment and happiness.

A sense of social connection is vital, but so too is the individual connection to mother nature.

One University research showed that individuals who were surrounded regularly by lush greenery tend to live longer, with a quite lower chance of developing cancer or respiratory illnesses.

A move into nature includes lifestyle changes by treating chronic ailments, including reducing blood pressure and hypertension or anxiety and to boost overall happiness.

Gardening — even on a little plot or pots– could be a simple way to incorporate more nature into your lifestyle.

Gardening long haul!

Finally, there’s also a dietary component to longevity that gardening can definitely help with. Researchers have guidelined a link in eating rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fish, and oil — and slower aging.

The elemental thought of eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, ideally from county local gardens and markets, is quite vital to longevity, as an example, a lot of people tend to grow vegetables like bitter melon and sweet potatoes simply in their gardens.

Eating vegetables that you’ve grown yourself, changes everything — they taste more nice, worthwhile and delicious, and it really makes a huge difference within the degree of health qualities (vitamins, minerals, phytoactives etc.) of the produce itself and points out a straightforward unbiased real truth: gardeners are more keen and likely to plant the nutrition they require to eat.

Farming next?

Farming for a sustainable extended life anyone?

If gardening is sweet, is farming even better?

The life-style factors related to longevity and aging in place –like living within the countryside and getting daily errands done with many exercises and natural lifting, watering, ploughing works– apply to farmers moreover..

So is home farming in your mind next?

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