A new dawn…

The beginning of day two at Andela (Boot Camp 17) for me was like that of a new dawn. I was presented with yet another opportunity to start over, or at least continue where I had left off. The previous day’s activities had got me thinking twice. Working with TDD for the first time was tricky. I could not seem to get a grip of it. However, thanks to my team members(Team Lolo) , I managed to at least write five test cases for my function. Boy was I happy about this. I also got to commit my work on my GitHub Repo after a bit of sweating. You can find some of my work here.

Enough about day 1, back to day 2. I got an invite to Andela labs. Its amazing how many programming exercises there are to help us learn. Working on the labs was a great way of getting us to sharpen our skills. I managed to work on the three exercises that we were instructed on for the day. Can you imagine writing a piece of code from its tests? Its like retracing your steps but you are not sure of where you are headed. That is exactly the same way I felt. The final exercise for the day was challenging and that is one of the reasons why I am so glad to be In such a great team. Despite the challenges, I am now sipping my evening coffee as I am writing this. Aw, the lights got back too. At least I have no excuse to not stay up late tonight.

Finally, a little motivation:

Star Wars, The New Dawn.