‘Learning never exhausts the mind…’

As Leonardo the Great Da Vinci puts it, learning can never exhaust the mind. It has been a long day for me today. My body surely is exhausted, but my mind not so much. This day marked the third day of boot camp. We had to complete some lab tasks and provide feedback to our LFAs. I cannot say i had a difficult time with the first two lab tests, but the last really did it for me. I kept rereading the question trying to figure out what outcome was expected of me. I was totally new to the concept. Imagine yourself in a medicine class and the lecturer asks you to dissect open a frog for an experiment. Well, if you haven't done it before you would probably be clueless on where to start. That was the same situation I found myself in. Lucky for me, I have a great team that is always there to offer its support. I asked my teammates and I must say i was happy with the response I got.

After receiving a link from Esir, one of the members on my team, I quickly got down and started reading the article on APIs. I scratched my head more than a few times trying to grasp the totally unfamiliar concepts. A solid six hours researching the net, most parts of which I did not fully comprehend.

Despite the challenges of the day, and the myriad number of articles and tutorials i had to go through, i managed to get a working prototype. Boy was I full of joy. I had dissected open a frog. Phew-ks! I am however not retiring to bed any time soon.

Learning never exhausts the mind remember... :wink

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