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It all started 4 years ago with an Elite: Dangerous cinematic feature. Before it got a second part later the same year, I had this interesting idea — why not do a proper game machinima, combining two of the things I really love — space and noir. At that point I was so pumped, I was planning to do a whole season of miniseries. In the end however, only managed to do episodes one and two.

Two things put spoke in my wheels:

1. I reached the technological limit of all three games I was filming at — Elite: Dangerous, EVE and Star Citizen;
2. Amazon discontinued Ivona TTS and its new incarnation Polly was lacking the protagonist voice. …

Let’s start in reverse this time, eh? Let me first show you the now-mostly-complete version of the new ship board prototype.

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For me this is huge. I mean getting it up to this level starting with the last concept took a good hundred hours. Or maybe two hundred. Or maybe even more. I lost the count long time ago, but I’d say there might as well be 2000+ hours in total invested into the game so far since the beginning. Or more.

The board will most certainly go through few more cosmetic iterations before I go out and print it, but the end result, at least at this time, shouldn’t be far from this. …

Remember when in the last dev diary I mentioned my models had severe errors that prevented them from printing and I was wondering whether it will be better to actually start from scratch, rather than trying to fix them?

Well, I gave fixing one last go before I throw it all away. And some hundred or more hours of hard labour later, the models are finally fixed. And redesigned quite a bit in the process.

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Things are finally print-ready, yay!


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