I don’t like you.

Faisalabad: Some people have so much time for ego or they don’t know their online activity can kill someone’s beautiful day. I personally consider this hate factor which they have, just because other think different then you or they are less popular online. I found this problem in Pakistanis ONLY. You can judge their behavior, when they achieve something big, on birthdays or special events, read them when people start praising them.

- They don’t like well wishes comments, don’t reply each tweets to mostly new people which they are connecting first time or to those, they don’t like.

- I’m NOT talking about every successful person online, who can’t simply reply to everyone. I’m talking about that stage, when little successful people start ignoring other people. And you can judge they are skipping you, that hurts.

Please, learn humbleness. When people come to you, they forget everything, you should too. It doesn’t mean if you don’t know any body, you should not reply. People are silent readers of you, even when they don’t follow or friend of you, but they love to stalk your activity.

I don’t know, It’s too much sensitive analysis or I can’t accept ignoring behavior in communications. Sometimes, people just want to listen, ‘THANKS’ from you.