Looking for YOU

Faisalabad: I’m looking for a writer partner for my next experimental project . Who can write good English articles on my suggested products, who can suggest too. I think almost 7 articles per week will be good option. I’ll also write with you. Profit will be shared. We will earn via affiliate commissions and from our few sponsors in future. May be adsense later. I need original articles which may written with love.

Project Title: Latest deals and various trendy items to buy.

I made that website extremely simple. Above banner can give you an idea. It’s readable and user friendly. It’s responsive. I hope so. The beauty of this project is simplicity. No timer or dynamic features to disable expired deals or out of stock items but once a deal or product will be out from market, we will remove post. Actually, I’m looking for someone who can write good reviews and convince to people — whey they need to buy listed products.

I’ll host that project on tumblr, It’s host-free solution. It will be really easy project which may handle two persons only. May be it will be unique blog on tumblr too. I’m choosing tumblr because I believe I can bring 500 Unique US people daily to our website. Which I’ve tested before.

Please direct all your inquires to pomy[at]outlook.com — I’ll get back to you pretty soon with more detail.