My idea of a successful life

Faisalabad: Successful is a relative term. It means different things to different people. It is in fact, a state of mind. A man may be unhappy even if he has everything. Similarly a man may be happy even if he has nothing. His successfulness depends upon how he looks at life.

In this world there is much trouble and unrest. No one feels satisfied with his life. This life is full of competition and discontentment. Ever body is running after wealth and property. Life was meant to be lived peacefully. But peace and happiness does not come through wealth. My idea of a happy life is quite different from other.

In my opinion, that life is happy where there is no competition. I like that life in which people live in perfect state of contentment. I like that life where the neighbors are good. I like that life in which there is no filth and dirt. People live peacefully with the others. They do not interfere unnecessarily with what other do.

They are no curious about what the other do. I like that life in which the surroundings are healthy. Such a life should provide opportunity to everyone to show his talent. Today, we are living like animals and beasts. There is not sympathy and kindness for others. The people’s motto is “everyone for himself”. In other words, jungle law prevails and there is complete lawlessness. Might is right is the order of the day. In a happy life, there should not be such things. Happy life can only be led when there is not crime and sin in it. Right should be the might.

A happy life is that which is spent for some good cause. That life is really happy in which am a rises serve human beings. He should be a source of joy and comfort for the people who life around him. If he is a son, he should be dutiful. If he is a brother, he should be sympathetic and affectionate. If he is a father he should be tender and kind. If he is friend, he should be loyal and devoted. In short, service of mankind should be our ideal.

Happiness is a state of mind. Wealth can provide physical comforts but physical comforts do not mean happiness. Real happiness comes with spiritual pleasure and by leading a pure life. Contentment is one of the sources of happiness.

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