Sack the Boss! Not Just Yet!

Faisalabad: Earn millions from the comfort of your own home? Well millions — probably! However, envision the bliss of leisurely at your computer at home, with no boss in sight and still earning money? I longed for such blissful day, when I woke at the crack of dawn, half-asleep to head for the office and even more so when I had to face my boss! I had a dream — a dream to sack my boss! Just the thought of being able to earn money without cutting the 9 to 5 routine is a temptation to hard to resist, and for many of us a dream that they would long to have fulfilled. But, what seems reality for money.

The concept of working from home is nothing new. Individuals have been operating small business from their homes for decades if not centuries. However, the concept of working from home through the internet is a relatively new phenomenon, which really took fight during the dot-com revolution of the 90s. Many internet companies are offering work-at-home opportunities in the form of employment, self employment and business, to individuals whom quite simple only need to have access to a computer and an internet connection. Today, experts say that an estimated 24 million people earn their income through legitimate work-at-home opportunities.

Many of us must have at least once been enticed to try our luck with these so-called ‘work-at-home opportunity’ companies — and then why not? Each opportunity always sound so fantastic on the surface that one is more then tempted to whip out the trusted credit card and dabble on ‘the next best thing since sliced bread’ One such enticing slogan appears on, which states, “be your own boss! Work your own hours! No competition! Have unlimited earning potential!” How can we resist such a tempting offer? They make it sound so great!

One must bear in mind that although some sites are “free” (on the surface, anyway!) others require a certain sum of money to be paid for example, to either pay for ‘informative material’ or to be a member. One such site — Work At Home Business — requires a payment to be made to access material that can make you “rich while working from home” here a quote from the site “For only $97 you get full access to everything.” The best line of this site is a follows (I close to fell of my chair laughing when I read it- do they expect people to fall for such ridiculous statements?)

“Please take action today. Both my best friend and my wife are strongly urging to me to raise the price of this package to $197 and I’m seriously considering this option.” Honestly, one wonders if such scams still work! Another site — Home Workers — is an independent home workers alliance and here again and again access to the entire “get rich, while working from home” material one must become a member. In this case too, one needs to pay $13.88 monthly or $27.76 for three months and so forth for membership.

But how many of these work-at-home companies are in fact legitimate. In my opinion a few, but not very many! Unfortunately, my experience to date has been for from great, to say the least. Many times, I discovered that either the ‘opportunity’ itself wasn’t legitimate at all or other it just wasn’t suitable for me. Hopefully, most of you haven’t share in this frustration and misfortune! But if you have, then join the club! The consolation is that you are not alone; many others have been burnt by the scams.

There are many individuals who vow and claim that they are earning sufficiently through such work-at-home opportunities to maintain satisfactory lifestyles and many no longer hold full time office based jobs. This claim of a financially secure life through home based work is perhaps strengthened by testimonials, of satisfied individuals on display at numerous home based work providers’ sites. But, do be wary such testimonials, for how can one be sure of their authenticity? These testimonials could easily be a marketing ploy; attraction to lure innocent individuals to their money making scam.

But then all the people I know who claim to be successfully earning money through these internet companies are mostly residing in the US or Canada. One company — Find Opportunity — for example, only provides home based opportunities to individuals residing in the US of Canada. Another example is international Success Systems. So when it comes to finding legitimate and suitable home based work — does geographically location matter? Possibly, but I think not. It depends more on your ability or more appropriately your luck in finding a suitable legitimate company.

It may not be unfair or unwise to assume that perhaps some of these home based work providing companies are in fact running a profitable home business at your expense? Are these companies nothing more then money-making scams?
Work-at-home Careers actually admits that others scams companies exit and are operating, by stating “ScamFree Work at home jobs, Free Newsletters, Scam Reports & more.” So could the most profitable home based internet business be to set up a company that provides work-at-home?

But how does one go about finding a credible, legitimate company? Well, the best thing to do would be to get a reference of a company from a source you know and trust. Do not trust testimonials of people, unknown to you, claiming to be an up-front fee should warn you that a scam is involved. Think about it logically, if a company is offering a home based job, then why should you have to pay a fee? Take for example, if you were to go for an interview with an employer and after the interview is finished they ask for a sum of money. That would offered by filling envelops, think again. It’s highly likely the job is fraudulent, and the advertiser just wants the up-front fee.
Also, be wary of vague job description or advertisements that say no skills or experience necessary, and especially where no contact information is provided. If proper contact information is not available, the company obviously has something to hide.

You could also refer to sites such as Work At Home Dot Com, which provides the “Top Pick” of the best Work-at-home sites, gives recommendations and provides detail information under three broad categories: self employment, business and opportunity. Another such site is Work At Home Index. These sites are informative and allow the potential home worker to read review, evaluate and select an appropriate home based work opportunity.
If and when you do find satisfactory legitimate opportunity, ask the following questions to your potential work-at-home employer, before taking the plunge

What: task will I be required to perform? Make sure this is clearly detailed and defined.
Will: I be paid a fix salary plus commission or will my entire income be commission based?
Who: will pay me? Verify the paying company, especially if it is different to the one you are planning to work with.
When: will I get my first pay check? Watch out for scams! Do not fall prey to completing all home based work task (with the assurance of the home based opportunity-providing company to pay) and end up sitting a waiting for eternity for the pay check to arrive!
What: is the total cast of the work-at-home programme, including supplies equipment and membership fee? Make sure that the costs are not too high. If you are willing to invest, calculate your return on investment (ROI).
If you’re prospective work-at-home employer answers the above questions to your complete satisfaction, then congratulation! There is probably no harm in giving the work-at-home opportunity a try.

In case, you do not have a trusted source then can recommended a suitable home based work providing company, then I say keep surfing! Visit a search engine — or another of your choice, type in “home based work”, “work at home” or any other suitable set of words and click “Search button. Who knows one day you make strike ‘Gold’. However, before you start navigating through the vast ocean of scams in search of a legitimate offer, take a really check and keep in mind what many experts say — that there is no legitimate get rich quick scheme.

Even if you do find a legitimate offer, it would probably work best as a second income. Do remember that there are ways to make a legitimate living without ever taking off your slippers — just don’t expect easy money and don’t get roped into a scam. Until you don’t find the perfect work-at-home opportunity, bear you boss and don’t give up you day job!