via boyprincessdiaries:
Faisalabad: After salah I usually go back to sujdah to say my own additional prayer from the heart. I felt compelled to share the one I prayed after fajr just now:
“Allah, I pray that you help me to do well at work today. Help to keep me alert, help me to keep my patient safe and a little less lonely today. May he be content to have my company and may no harm befall him while I am on duty.
Allah, thank you for my job. I needed it so badly, and I prayed to you to provide me with it, and you did. Please help me to get more hours so that I may sustain myself, pay my bills, and share with those who have less.
Oh Allah, I pray for the people without jobs who need and want them. I pray for the people who are unable to work and don’t know how to sustain themselves. Oh Allah, I pray for the poor and the disabled. For the oppressed and the homeless. I pray for those in danger and in pain. I pray for the ummah. I pray for the indigenous, the queer, the trans. Allah, I pray for the people of color and the intersex and the mentally unwell and disabled. I pray for those who are the most vulnerable, who are oppressed on many levels at once. I pray for the trans women of color. For the disabled queers of color. I pray for all of those struggling for their own freedom and liberation. Help them to keep their cultures, traditions, languages and religions strong. Help them to resist imperialism. Help us all to reach out and support one another in our struggles.
Allah, I pray that you help me to dissolve my nafs. Help me to destroy my ego so that I may create more room for you within my being. Allah, help me to be a vessel for your divine goodness and wisdom and compassion on this earth. Oh Allah, please help me to do your work and to become the person you want for me to be. Help me to be more aware of my privileges and to challenge my own racism. Help me to be the ally my friends deserve. Please help me to be never take your generosity for granted.
Thank you Allah, for everything you have given to me. For my safety, my apartment, my work and all the millions of blessings in my life. Thank you Allah for the ability to reach out to others and learn about their lives and help to comfort them. Thank you for the internet and for my computer. Truly you have blessed me endlessly. Thank you for Islam and for your divine guidance. Ameen.”
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