WordPress + bbPress Integration

In order for these template to work you need to have WordPress (WP) & bbPress (bbP) integrated fully. This is not for users who uses BuddyPress.

WordPress & bbPress standalone version 1.0.2 User, Cookie, and Deep integration Tutorial

Faisalabad: This tutorial is based on the assumption you know how to install WordPress and bbPress and are comfortable with editing php files.

Known Issues on why this tutorial doesn’t work:

  • When your hosting doesn’t use php5.
  • If you have changed your database prefix.
  • When your bbP folder is not in the WP folder.
  • When you upgraded from an older version of WP or bbP.
  • When you use a free hosting companies or some internationals (outside of US).
  • Sometimes when you log into WP you can not get to the bbP Dashboard.

Things to know before installing WP & bbP

  • There are a lot of steps but they aren’t hard, don’t sweat it.
  • Do not use “www” anywhere
  • Try not to change the database prefix
  • You need a file editor and access to your files.
  • WordPress = WP & bbPress = bbP
  • COPY is copy to your clipboard. PASTE is paste from your clipboard

Here we go!

  1. Install WordPress. The normal install nothing to change. Test it.
  2. User & Cookie Integration:

001. — Install bbPress within WP and following these steps:

002. — Step 1 is standard. Go to Step 2

003. — Step 2 check the boxes Add integration settings, Add cookie integration settings, and User integration database settings

004. — Under Cookies:

001. — WordPress address (URL): enter you WP URL without www

002. — Blog address (URL): 99% of the time is the same as above

003. — WordPress “auth” cookie key: enter “blah”

004. — WordPress “auth” cookie salt: enter “blah”

005. — WordPress “secure auth” cookie key: enter “blah”

006. — WordPress “secure auth” cookie salt: enter “blah”

007. — WordPress “logged in” cookie key: enter “blah”

008. — WordPress “logged in” cookie salt: enter “blah”

5. — Click on Save WordPress Integration

6. — Click on Go to Step 3

7. — Step 3 is standard. Make sure you pick “admin” from the drop down box.

8. — Complete the install. Everything should have worked out fine. If not please go to the bbPress’ forums and bring up your issue.

9. — Test the bbPress install.

10. — Now the fun part. You need a php editor like Adobe Dreamweaver.

11. — In your WP folder locate and open “wp-config.php” and leave it open.

001. — Go to this website: https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt

002. — Select all and COPY the all information on that site.

003 . — Go to your wp-config.php file and highlight line 45 (it starts with define(‘AUTH_KEY’)) to line 48 (starts with define(‘NONCE_KEY’)) and PASTE the new keys. You basically change your 4 keys to 8 keys.

004. — Save the file (and upload it if you need to) and leave it open.

12. — In your bbP folder locate and open “bb-config.php”

001. — Highlight line 41 (it starts with define(‘AUTH_KEY’)) to line 44 (starts with define(‘NONCE_KEY’)) and PASTE the new keys. You basically change your 4 keys to 8 keys.

002. — Add “BB_” in front of all the 8 key names. AUTH_KEY to BB_AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY to BB_SECURE_AUTH_KEY, etc.

003. — Save the file (and upload it if you need to) and leave it open.

13. — Clear your cache on your browser.

14. — Log into you WP Dashboard and Navigate to Plugins -> Add New.

001. — Search for “bbpress” and “bbPress Integration” will appear on the list.

002. — Install and activate the plugin.

003. — Navigate to Settings-> bbPress Integration.

004. — -Fill out the information (no www) and click on WordPress MU. I know you don’t have MU just do it anyway. Click Save Changes.

005. — In the blue box COPY the information.

15. — Go to your wp-config.php file and PASTE it on line 16 (line before // ** MySQL settings). Save the file (and upload it if you need to). You can close this file.

16. — Go to your bb-config.php file and PASTE it on line 13 (line before // ** MySQL settings). Remove COOKIE_HASH line. Save the file (and upload it if you need to). You can close this file.

17. — You can delete the bbPress Integration plugin, it’s no longer needed.

18. — Clear your cache on your browser.

19. — Log into you bbP Dashboard and navigate to Settings -> WordPress Integration

001. — In WordPress Administrator make sure you pick bbPress Key Master, the others pick Members until you’re more comfortable with bbP.

002. — Click Save Changes.

003. — Scroll down and if the three WordPress “auth” cookie salt, WordPress “secure auth” cookie salt, and WordPress “logged in” cookie salt are not editable and have an icon of lock continue to the next step. If not, go back to step 2.10 “Now the fun part…”

03. — Deep Integration.

001. — You need to get the absolute path to the file wp-load.php

002. — Go back to your bb-config.php file, on line before the end ( ?>) enter this line “include_once( ‘/your/absolute/path/to/wordpress/wp-load.php’ );” without the quotes. (beware some pasting of this code make the ‘ character change, make sure it’s the button left of the enter key on your keyboard)

003. — Replace “/your/absolute/path/to/wordpress/” with your absolute path to wp-load.php

004. — If you don’t know your absolute path then download this file abs

005. — Unzip and place this file in your WP folder (same place where wp-load.php resides)In your browser navigate to the file. (example = http://yoursite.com/abs.php)COPY the information on that page into the proper place in the bb-config.php file. Save the bb-config.php (and upload it if you need to) and you can close the file.

006. — Delete abs.php of your server.

007. — Clear your cache on your browser.

008. — Log into your WP Dashboard and navigate to Plugins

009. — Delete the plugin “bbPress Integration”

4. — and you’re done, test it.