New Moms Can Get Depressed. Why Don’t Doctors Take Them Seriously?
Sushmita Pathak

When I gave birth to my son (1992) and daughter(1994) it was not a talked about thing.

After my son was born, I was given a paper about “Baby Blues”. It turns out I had Post-partum depression, Psychosis, and nervous breakdown. They wanted to give me Electric Shock Therapy but by some divine intervention from God, I started talking. I was in the Psychiatric Unit for two weeks.

When my daughter was born, I was diagnosed as having “Adjustment Disorder “ In reality, I had Post-partum Depression and Psychosis. I was hospitalized 3 days in the Psychiatric Unit.

This is the first time I’ve talked about this without crying. Just wanted you to know your article let me know that I wasn’t alone. Thank you for your article. Alicia Spangler

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