Babies Riding Longboards

If you’ve never had the chance to walk around Pacific Beach in San Diego, or any boardwalk for that matter, let me tell you that boards, whether long or short, are the fuel of transportation for young adults. Even if you go to college campuses you’ll get to see how normal it is for students to be transporting from class to class on any type of board. That said, would you have ever imagined babies riding on longboards?

Who’s idea was it to tear apart a fine-working stroller and drill it to a longboard? Many would argue that we are cultivating lazier generations. I mean the car itself was disruptive. But now, we have segways, self-balancing scooters, the airwheel, the Hendo Hoverboard, and now we have a stroller on a longboard.

I promise this is not a fairy tale, these things do exist! But digging in a bit deeper, the idea behind these transportation devices go far beyond jokes and giggles. For the first time in history, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas.

Quinny — the longboardstroller company — believes that you don’t have to leave the city when you become a parent; that for parents with a positive attitude and the right solutions, the city is a place full of opportunities.

Quinny wants to create these solutions; seamless mobility solutions, so urban parents have the freedom to move. The longboard stroller is completely fitting this mindset; it’s a concept thought, a different way of thinking on how parents can move. It’s an alternative solution which makes it easy to travel longer distances in a nice, environmentally friendly way.

Honestly I like the longboardstroller and the idea behind it. Riding a longboard is extremely fun on its own, so why not enjoy and share the ride with your baby. I guess pushing a stroller doesn’t satisfy young adults anymore. Sure it is not a hoverboard, but we’re talking about going places with your kid. What many don’t see is that Quinny isn’t just selling a longboardstroller, they’re actually giving you time to spend with your baby. That to me is priceless.

Props to Quinny and congrats on the awesome idea. I am excited to see what other transportation devices are launching in the future, perhaps a longboard-shoppingcart, what about hovershoes?

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