‘Sup Medium!

For three years I’ve been wanting to write/blog, can you believe that I just started! I finally forced myself to ignore every single distraction, sit down and not get up until I found some place to post my thoughts on. Facebook? Sure it allows me to post stuff, but it’d be funny to post an essay and get unfriended by most. Twitter? 140 characters, really? Instagram, nah. Snapchat, 10 seconds isn’t enough. Wordpress? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The thing is that I visited too many platforms over these past few days — from Squarespace to Blogger, and Wix to Wordpress — and none of them seemed to offer that social media-ishh thing which I like. I first heard about Medium from Gary Vaynerchuk in his show a few weeks back, and today I got reminded of it by another friend so I decided to give it a shot. Honestly, I am very excited to get in here and blog the **** out of Medium.

— Btw, if you ever read this Gary, your media presence was what motivated me to start my personal brand. In one of your presentations you asked whether businesses were up to date with marketing… honestly most of us aren’t. But now, my customers will begin to see the people behind their app and website. I am going to begin cultivating relationships with them and grow this ’til it can’t grow any more! Thanks for your motivation Gary —

Anyways! I’ll be sharing everything I know about tech, entrepreneurship, and the hustle behind everything I’m doing.

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