Naming an app “Peach” is just too cool to ignore

The new Peach app is causing a scene on social media. Everyone is talking about it! Some say it’s a marriage between Twitter and Tumblr, others view as a combo between WhatsApp and Snapchat. I’ve also heard someone say it’s similar to Slack. Remember Ello? What’s cool about it is that it’s none of the above. It’s Peach, period!

Sorry Android users, you can watch for now as Peach is only available for iOS.

Peach does have a bit of everything, and that is what caught my attention. From the cofounder of Vine, Dan Hofmann, Peach is rapidly increasing awareness from everyone, early adopters and including VCs — no one wants to miss the next Snapchat.

Peach took Twitter by storm not too long ago, now everyone is talking about it making it a trend all over the Web. It’s basically an app that let’s you share life moments to friends that appreciate what you do. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Peach has more privacy. You only broadcast to your friends. Sure you can add it to your list of apps for “Personal Brand” but we’ll talk about that some other time.

The app comes with very cool features:

  • GIFs — Who doesn’t love GIFs! We’ve seen how Facebook now let’s us share them, so what’s so great about this? Peach let’s you search a bunch of GIFs straight from the status bar. Just type in “GIF” and watch the magic begin.
  • Doodles — Snapchat exploded in popularity because it allowed users to express themselves freely by doodling on their pics. Some call it art, I call it doodles. Well Peach is not far away from this greatness. Another keyword you can type on your status bar is “draw” — It is only black for now, hopefully the app is updated soon with colors and more “artsy” options.
  • Cake someone — Excuse me? That’s right! Facebook allowed us to “poke” others, and that just felt a bit creepy — I never really understood what that was for. Anyways, Peach has stepped it up a notch allowing you to wave, boop, send a kiss, cake a friend, and much more. I got sent a kiss yesterday and it gave me butterflies, awesome!

Our attention span is only getting smaller, meaning we can only absorb so much content. With that said, people are screaming for more privacy within their apps. Some love to build their personal brand and open up their lives to the world, but most just want to be in touch with their friends, nothing else. Peach gives you that privacy. The app allows you to assemble your mini squad or huge squad — only they will be able to see your updates.

Peach is considered a social media app, without friends it’s practically useless. Sooooo… Get your friends on board!

With that said, Peach is a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself. It can’t get any better than that.

Beme and Ello, had a loud start, everyone wanted them, now they are nowhere to be seen. Peach is having a great start — I’m loving the engagement — I wish to see them grow and mature into something bigger than big.

The best thing about all of this is that I can now use the peach emoji.


You’re awesome for reading this. If you want to chat some more, feel free to post your comments below, or follow me on Twitter and Snapchat. My username is ponchomayto everywhere, including Peach.