Writing exercise # 3 A run on typing

So once again I am sitting in front of a keyboard, building a bridge. The aim for this exercise is a part of my new year’s goal for 2016. It is to write more. Does’t really matter what it is at this point. Just me in front of a keyboard, typing my heart out.

I would also not delete what I wrote down. A basic editing and typo correction is ok but there is no killing of any idea that spurs out. The goal is to try to finish it. To follow the spark to its bitter end. Where ever it will go. There will be lots of run on. In the attempt to capture the abstract of the mind. Not every time that one will stucked gold.

So once again I should be brave and face the blank screen and a blocked mind in front of me. This time, with some classical music playing in the background. I think it is played by a guy name YoYoMa or something. I heard his name mentioned by the great Steve Jobs once during one of this presentation. And if Steve mentioned him then he must be good right? Well, he did also mentioned U2 and I have yet to see any wisdom in that. Maybe in that instant, Steve is playing a long game.

As I am typing. I am also trying to learn touch typing. It has not worked out perfectly as one would expect yet. I used to be much much worst. Like two fingers typer of the slowest kind. So after some session from one of those typing online site. It works somewhat. I did’t completed my training through. Just like Luke and his Jedi training. The issue for me now is that I find it hard to bring my fingers back to the starting keys of ‘f and k’. So as the sentence runs on the more error I would make. This is annoying. And I just want to write faster. As fast I am thinking. Because after all this is the whole point of this exercise.

I am also trying out one of the “cool writing app”. The one that blocks out everything else and just presented you in front of the screen. It is pretty cool so far. I am using the demo version right now. Not sure what the full version would give me. I think it is the same. The demo might have a limited number of time the app would run or something. There is no word counts showing in the app. So I guess since the app is made for writers. And they don’t show it, that must mean it is not important. Just let the words run and editing will rough out all the edges later.

There is also grammar and spelling check. Something that I sourly need. Guess not paying attention in school would do that to you. But it is too boring to do that anyway. It’s not like I have not tried. It’s not like I choose to be bad in grammar and spelling because it would make me cool or something. Let’s see how those features will help me.

The app so far performs very well. I am loving this app. Maybe I would be paying for this at the end. You vote with your money. So I guess if you like something pay for it. Even if you can get it for free. Because if you pay for it and it gets the vote. And if enough people pay for it, there would be enough vote to sustain such enterprise. More of the similar enterprise might turn up to fills the market — to meet the demand. Got to love capitalism. Especially when it works in your favour :p

I think it is enough for this session. The conclusion from this session? I am starting to discover or maybe re-discover the joy of writing. It is a great feeling.

Hope there is many of the mile stone of writing joy that have yet to come.

— Pondd —

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