Writing exercise # 1 — Writing about writing

As a part of my new year goal, I want to write more. After countless excuses, I found myself not chalking even one blog to that goal. And that needs to change.

After some self-examination, I came to a conclusion. The point is not to have something meaningful to write. It shouldn’t be. The point is just to write. I just need to create a bridge between my thoughts and my keyboards.

So here I am. Sitting in front of the keyboards. Building the bridge. Think of it as a writing dojo. It’s not about the fight. It’s about the practice so that one day — when the fight is called upon. i am ready for it.

So here goes nothing

There is something magical about writing. It freezes time. It encapsulates thoughts in a moment using symbols and rules known as alphabets and grammars, respectively.

Man invented writing as a way we can preserved knowledge. It is a progression. It is a necessity. Because things lost and blur in our memories. As a species, we tend to remember the world around us in abstraction. We invented writing to help us leap forward.

So write on, we must. As human race and as an individual.

We observed the world around us from where we are sitting. A single event can be witness a countless number of ways. From people we meet. From the conversation that we have. From the books we read. And from the dreams we had. Countless events, passively and actively that we experienced. From that, we formed our own narrative of the world around us. That becomes our reality.

Writing helps take a snapshot of that reality, pull it out from the eroding sand of time and eternalized it.

The writings of the old are long. I am talking about Homer’s odyssey, The Ramayana, The republic by Plato and so on. It is endless.

The times, they are changing.

Now casual writing survived in a shorter form. We writing facebook updates. We tweets. And when we have some time to spend, we blogs. It is a far outcry from the marathon of the pass. It’s not better or worst — just different.

And write on we must and we will.

And write on I must and I will.

— Pondd—

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