Writing exercise # 4 Sitting at the airport

We are all the passenger of time, Sitting on a train, riding to our bitter end.

There is something provoking when you are sitting at the airport. People is in transit. They are traveling. And by traveling is sitting and waiting to get to places.

For business or for pleasure. It is a hub of cross nation people. Just sitting and waiting for their time to get on the plane. It is interesting to think that is only apply to just a departure side of the equation. People who arrived at their destination airport don’t hang around the airport. They get where they need to go.

To be it does beg the question, what is it that drive us to move around from place to place? We are a specie of traveler. We cant’t seem not to be able to stay within our usual way. Eventually, we would have the need to change. We would need to visit new place, do new things. To move away from our comfort bed. Move away from our usual cafe, our friends and family. Why is that?

Looking at this issue in term of natural selection, seem to give me the greatest satisfaction. Ironically enough, it is how I answer most of my internal enquiries, using Darwinism.

What I mean is that say they are two sets of people. One who don’t have the urge to constantly seek new things in their live. Another is the one that needs to disrupted their own routine once in a while.

Regardless of how the specific events unfolded. From the course of our history, we will see countless migrations. Starting from the Savanna of Africa, we reach the North sea of Alaska down all the way to the islands of New Zealand. So surly, there must be something build-in within us. To seek out new things. To not settle for the mundane.

It is now time for me to move on to my flight. My destination awaits. The trip is about to close down. I shall get on my flight. The wait is over.

It is said that “Not all who wanders are lost” and from where I am sitting it seems that “Not all who lost wanders”


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