I recently installed a Google Home (GH) in my apartment and although the amount of actions the Google Assistant can do out-of-the-box is massive, things got really exciting when I discovered that GH (actually the Google Assistant) can be integrated with IFTTT!

IFTTT is the bridge to connect your Google Assistant to virtually *any* web services: either directly on IFTTT or with webhooks.
IFTTT integration with Google Assistant is rather simple, it allows to define new voice commands as trigger to perform actions:

If GA/GH voice commands then do something

(This tutorial is designed for Android, I am quite sure this is replicable on iOS but I don’t have experience with it.)

Recently, I started experimenting with Angular/Typescript and Node.js in a Google Cloud App Engine (GAE) flexible environment and I wrote a small app called Circly, you can find the source code in my github repository (still work in progress!).

The technology stack is quite complex and composed by:

Frontend development: Angular/Typescript + Material Design + Bootstrap UI components + AngularFire2

Frontend hosting / authentication: Firebase hosting with Firebase authentication using Google account

Backend RESTful APIs definition: Swagger / OpenAPI

Backend implementation: Node.js + Express

Backend hosting: Google App Engine Flexible Environment for Node.js

RESTful APIs delivery: Google Cloud Endpoints with api-key and JWT token…

I am planning to start playing with a new dataset: my own Facebook history :)

The idea is to use it couple with some visualization tools (starting from Tableau Public and ending with D3.js) and maybe to do some machine learning and crunch data out of it. I don’t have a defined plan, I will see how it goes.

But first, I wrote a small Javascript script to download my Facebook history and convert it to CSV format, eatable by many of the aforementioned tools.

The code is using:

  • Facebook Graph APIs to query “/me/feed” and retrieve the posts in JSON format. …


Francesco Pongetti

TPM@Google, Software Engineer, MBA and some other things too

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