“Does the shape of the tea making vessel affect the taste?”

TLDR: YES! By how much? Not much. But the slight difference DO affect the experience by a lot!

Can someone square this circle for me? Please.

As a non-US citizen looking from the outside, I find it odd that blacks, women, and minorities support the US’ Democratic Party. Given the history and ideology of the Democrats, I’m not sure as to why this is the case.

I also don’t understand why Republicans are often labelled bigots…

For beginners, there is no shortage of advice online. Not to mention the unlimited choice of “proper” equipment to buy. I wish I had known what I know now about podcasting, I would’ve save a lot of time, energy, and not to mention money.

So after 1 year of podcasting…

WARNING! In the postmodern world where feelings trump reason, AIs will be given human-like rights. All it takes is an AI with a body of a 5-year old girl horribly abused by a pedophile.

Westworld: Robots that can think, act, and look very human.

We’re creating machines that not only has the likeness of the human mind but we’re also giving them corporeal forms that mimic our likeness. Now the genie is out of the bottle, like a toothpaste once squeezed out would never go back into the tube. …

All organisms (including humans) depend upon their accurate perception of reality in order to survive. Organisms that inaccurately perceive reality dies.

Societies that misjudge reality throughout history either died or are conquered. Armies that miscalculate the realities of the battle field are slaughtered. Individuals who perceived reality inaccurately paid the cost with their life. Civilizations that diverged from reality crumbled.

In a chaotic post-truth, post-modern world and a relativistic society knowing…

Pong Lizardo

The goal is not to move humanity towards heaven, the goal is prevent it from moving towards hell. https://www.ponglizardo.com

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