Unsolicited Advice for My Three Sons, In No Particular Order
Rufus Griscom

After writing down all those advise, you may have gotten partially baked yourself or had otherwise omitted a small detail mid pre-flighting, namely the one that said the top secret advise for younger children is not give random people on the internet unsolicited advice. That this is the meaning of the meaningless. That the secret is ill-advised to give away since those who knows already knew and the deterrent is that sharing past quota would depreciates itself and produce a lot of right answers.

An old Thai esoteric recipe would say that the said secret recipe should not be given and the secret can never be given to those who will use that magic for themselves.

This is not to say we should take magic seriously since I do not and thus cannot. Rather I choose to respect science precisely because everything that is natural is already shameful once. If the secret is that really there is not a secret then the purport can construe the revelation to be even more secretive and esoteric. There are a few good books that would explain nicely sans words, such as “What makes men better than women” by Robert Pagginson (ISBN: 1478392312), since for that eloquent author, every page is intentionally left blank.

On the other hand, does someone know how a partially ordered list this long can acutiate into more ADHD? Of course not. I was just asking a question but it have not an answer since ADHD does not propagates by deploying a list-like vector.

Vast expanse of secrets are guarded by father who name is a secret, so when besieged too deeply it can make you mad! Secrets are keys to vaults of secrets filled with keys, but as we are told, “which are [themselves] locks.” That is the keeper of secret. No one knows why dear. Two rights can make a wrong to get attention.

Our best scientist had not even begin to determine why! It is beyond the proposition of causation to reason doctrinal rejection, so we can’t even say with any certainty why it is or not. It’s two right because when they are right they can make more. What it is a reason to, I don’t even know. But don’t worry about “partially baking” an advise. I know I baking. Even as under-incubated and mishatched the strange birds of civilization had became, and ironically, the easier you can always bake more.

Now wasn’t that a really broody idea as they came?