What is Ponsumer?

Ponsumer digitizes consumption.

Ponsumer is an online service with unique technical innovation. From a photo, it can determine what kind of food you ate, how much nutrients you got from the food and the effect it had on your health. Just point your phone at the food product and Ponsumer will do the rest.

Once Ponsumer is trained, it will be able to restock your home, cafe, shop or warehouse with goods and products.

Without you stepping out of your house, Ponsumer can help you buy products, household chemicals, convenience goods and everything that you usually buy from supermarkets and stores near your home. You can fully automate almost all your purchases.

Before, you go to the shop to buy things, but now any shop can come to you — thanks to augmented reality (AR).

Ponsumer’s Mission

To close the gaps and connect the entire consumption and production process — from production of the product to the very process of eating, including how it affected the person’s health, how many nutrients he received, and when next he will need to replenish his energy.