The small but worthiness

From the previous topic about west coast of the United State experience, not only the participation in the fastest technology area but I also had a chance to make a small trip to San Francisco.

Because of living in Milpitas, driving to San Francisco takes around 2 hrs to our first destination. This was the first Saturday of visiting this country. San Francisco is a large city and has so many attractive places, this trip has 4 journeys went to the most popular landmark of this city.

“The Golden Gate Bridge”

This visiting we intended to find some place that could see the bridge from the top, so we drove up to the mountain nearby it. We hoped we could see the Golden Gate clearly. Unfortunately, that day had lots of fog hid the bridge from that view.

The first parking when we arrived, to see the top view of the Golden Gate, but let see the first view of that day.
The luck always be with me, but it’s not that morning.

Since the first parking that we could not see anything, we decided to drive to the lower and to park at some viewpoint. There is the fortification on that viewpoint. I guess that place still has the obscure dangerous stuff because there are the cautions around there.

As the weather and view as above, so foggy. From that problem, we make a decision to search again for the better. It was fortunate that there is the park at the bottom of the bridge and the better thing came to us :)

It’s literally beautiful, isn’t it?

That day we went is the Women Day (Is that actually be called like this?)in the United State(I’m not quite sure whether it’s the international day or not). As the result, that park fulled of the women running.

For this next today’s destination in the city are Palace of Fine Arts — Pier 39 — Ghirardelli Shop and Lombard Street

We accidentally found the parking at the first place, Palace of Fine Arts. We decided to park here and walk to the place instead. We appreciated the surrounding of this place for a while and headed to Pier 39.

Along the way to Pier 39, we walked the San Francisco Marina Small Craft Harbor. There was much people walked and played there. It seems that the native there love the picnic a lot. In my opinion, such a good weather like that, it’s not so wired :)

One thing that I’ve never seen in our country is while they’re running - they use a Loudspeaker instead of an earbud.

Finally we reached the Pier 39, it was sunny but was not very hot like our Thailand. The temperature was probably around 25 Celsius. There are a lot of shops and merchandise at there.

I have only my photos at there 555555555

The next place is the Lombard Street, since the geography of this city is on the hill, so the road is extremely slope. Some place, the car was parked at 90 degrees to the pathway is mandatory. Lombard Street is the place that has its unique characteristic. With the Zigzag way make this is distinctively popular.

From the Lombard Street, we headed out to the Twin Peak. The big two(as its name ) mountain at the center of this city. Visitors can the city and the sea from there.

On that evening, we went back to Milpitas and had the small but worthiness party. It’s really inspired (:

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