Trump Goes Full Fascist
War Is Boring

Fascism, eh?

“Any student of history will tell you that these fascist authoritarians are brought to power because their pathetic supporters believe it will elevate THEM”… Hmmm…

How about “fascism” being voted into power because We The People are sick and tired of government corruption and career politicians?

It’s easy to call someone a fascist, when they are a big scary, white, alpha male, but how about when they want to disarm law abiding citizens and only let us discuss our opinions in “safe zones”? How fascist is a society who have a ministry of propaganda (main stream media) that spends every minute telling us what a bad guy the outsider is and how wonderful the establishment’s globalist candidate will be; how wonderful the economy is and recalculates the formulas to make the numbers look good?

Gault, you shame your name with this mislabeling of fascism, in order to support a globalist fascist.

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