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Kell Bendle

Thank you Kell! We’re not using any kind of monetary rewards, it’s more about trying to inject some unpredictability for each time they open the app. We’ve taken elements that are likely to change and made them prominent in the experience, such as salon availability just to get some degree of surprise. When I say they are invested enough I’m talking about users referring other users, inputting their settings etc.

I always strive for designing my apps to promote daily engagement. For this app though, we would be lying to ourselves if we claim it is an app that users would use daily, because of the nature of the service we offer. It is more comparable to an app like Uber where you associate the app with the need of getting somewhere quickly rather than “I have some time to kill, so I’ll open the Uber app”. Our aim is to get our users to open our app every time they feel they have a bad hair day or when they are preparing to go to a special event etc. This is not a puzzle we will solve for MVP, it will take some fine tuning.

I hope that answers your question. If you want to dig deeper in this, I’d recommend to read anything from Nir Eyal, especially his book “Hooked” if you haven’t already.

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