The Maze Runner Review

The Maze runner is a dystopian science fiction film by Wes Ball. It is filled with countless action and suspense scenes, that get you interested in seeing how the movie will play out until the ending. Even though the end (if they get out of the maze or not) is slightly predictable because of the sequels, still doesn’t give away what happens as they try to work their way out of the maze. This movie shows a lot of how these kids have to take responsibility to take care of themselves and everyone around them after being put in the maze with no memory and barely any supplies of any sort. They had to figure out how to grow crops and other food to be able to make a living in the maze. They had to be able to work together as a group to create rules that everyone had to live by so there wouldn’t be any havoc in the maze. They all had to have responsibilities as if they were grown up and on their own because even though they weren’t grown up they were on their own and had to be able to make it on their own.

Thomas (Dylan Obrien) is the main character in the film. He was one of the two chosen immune kids to work for Wicked (an organization that is using the kids to find a cure for the disease that is spreading and is in control of the maze and whatever population is left on the earth). Then he is put into the maze with other immunes just like him. He is more curious/intelligent then the others so he’s the reason they figure out stuff about who Wicked is and why the put them in there and how to work the maze to get out.

Dylan Obrien is a good actor but doesn’t star in many big-name movies. He does more smaller movies and TV shows. In the movie Internship, Dylan plays this very intelligent kid who was chosen out of select applicants to intern for a job at a high up company. In the Maze Runner, he plays a pretty intelligent kid who is chosen to work for Wicked. In both roles, he does a very good job at being the brainy/serious type of actor. But is also good at playing other types of roles. Another one of his roles is in the TV show Teen Wolf where he plays a more of an average/ditsy role. For the role as Thomas in the Maze Runner I think O’Brien did a great job at playing and I don’t think anyone else would have fit it as good as he did.

The Maze Runner has a lot to do with a specific person or a group of people using control over a certain group of people. (Much like our society with the government having control of the laws and the stuff we do in our daily lives, is like what is happening in the Maze Runner). The doctors trying to find a cure for the disease that’s spreading are using the immune kids to test and use them for scientific purposes. They put them through horrifying things to use their blood to find a cure. What the kids can’t do is leave or say no to anything they make them do. The group Wicked has them trapped and are always in control of them, and will do anything they want to them. Not quite like how our society controls us but both have limits of what they can do, theirs is just a lot stricter.

The Maze Runner has many of the same similarities to The Hunger Games, The Host and Divergent because they all are teen dystopian films. They all have to do with fighting against a certain type of government group that is trying to control everyone else. The Maze Runner is all the people stuck in the maze rebelling against W.C.K.D after they get out of the maze, because W.C.K.D is using them for science experiments (and since they are in control of everyone people who try to rebel or don’t follow their rules will be killed). The Hunger Games is Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) trying to fight against the capital (because the capital is in control of each district and everyone has to follow their rules or they will be killed). The Host is a group of people trying to not get transformed into these aliens called “souls” (which has taken over the human population and will continue till everyone’s body is taken over by one of these souls). Divergent is where people are forced into these different groups based on who they are by the government (the government runs every group and if anyone doesn’t follow their rules then consequences will happen). So, Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) tries to rebel against the governments rules about the factions (groups). All of these films relate to the maze runner in so many ways, from being controlled by a government and having a group or a couple people rebel against the government.

Personally, I find the Maze runner very interesting because of the intense action, suspense and the plot. It has some twists and turns that you don’t expect coming, which makes it even more exciting to watch. As well as the special effects are so amazing that they make the movie feel so real when I sit on my couch and watch it on my lap top. Plus, the acting done by the different actresses and actors in this movie is also another reason why I like it so much.