Hong Kong Witnessed the Celebration of Orangeudaism’s First holyDay — an Afternoon of Riotous Jollity with Orange Jello to Behold

Since the inauguration of Orangeudaism on July 10th, 2017, its first holyDay was observed calmly and charmingly by new members of the religion at a precious little oasis among the infamous skyscraping buildings in Hong Kong. We modified the original plan to gather at Spectrum, our regular synagogue in Hong Kong by holyDay, a future-oriented learning centre by normalDay where we recommend members to visit.

Enjoying Orange jello

The eminently salubrious weather informed us of Orange’s decision to move to outdoor as such.

Miss Isobel demonstrating her hand-made tote bag, a gift to Orange

Each devoting member demonstrated their unique manner of devotion.

Former Junior koolRabbi Sapphire was promoted under every member’s loving gaze to the role of official koolRabbi for her being the epitome of extraordinary dedication to Orangeudaism. She now wears Orangown the same style as koolRabbi Brusda.

koolRabbi Sapphire getting promoted

The two koolRabbi then demonstrated how to prepare the headDress properly. First you pick the pedicel and press it between your eyebrows for 3 seconds to open your third eye while you hold pedicel-less Orange in your hand and absorb as much of the invigorating fragrance into your body as possible, preferably through your nostrils. Then with your newly unlocked third eye to look for natural wrinkles extended out from where the pedicel used to be and press the tip of the knife you are holding in your dominant hand into them. Sliding it from the north pole (the pedicel) to the south pole (the navel) of Orange, just before you hit the flesh of Orange and make sure that it doesn’t break. Then remove the navel and clean up the Albedo on the peel slightly to make it comfortable staying in contact with your protein filament that grows from the dermis on your scalp.

Voilà! Now you get a proper headDress to signify that you are Orangeuu! Wear it at important and official occasions of your life, e.g. when taking an ID photo.

After we finished preparing the headDress, we put all naked Orange into the bowl and got ourselves ready for the ritual of Conversion. Orange heroically sacrificed themselves for the momentous, awe-inspiring and tear-jerking point in time.

In order to familiarise our fellow Orangeuus with the creation of Orangeudaism, each of us took turns to propose a value to be incorporated into the religion. All the values listed below went through the strict scrutiny of each member present. So far we have,

1. Compassion
2. Utilising time wisely
3. Self-acceptance
4. Instinct
5. Sensuality
6. Playfulness
7. Personal hygiene

The symbol of our koolRabbi was later entrusted to an intelligent vigilante in Hong Kong as koolRabbi Brusda departed from the city right after the event.

One more important value was incorporated by showing rather than telling. koolRabbi Sapphire shared her exceptional knot-making knowledge with other members and each of us made a holder with thin linen cord. Actually this collective making manifested two principles:


8. DIY&WO(Do-It-Yourself-and-With-Others), as well as
9. EOTO (Each-One-Teaches-One)

Finally we entrusted the symbol of #koolRabbi onto one of our loving vigilantes in HK!
HK, au revoir! till next next time time time my fellow orangeuus!! keep chanting!!

I am koolRabbi Brusda of future-oriented, wiki religion Orangeudaism. I preach digitally and physically