Shirwal- An upcoming realty destination of Pune

Shirwal is slowly coming to limelight in real estate market mainly owing to its proximity to Pune-Satara-Bangalore Highway, an already established real estate destination in Pune. Of late, many builders are flocking ahead to Shirwal to build apartment complexes and gated communities. The salient features of real estate in Shirwal are availability, affordability and accessibility.

First of all, there are vast residential lands for sale in Shirwal. This is something crucial to note because in Chennai city, there is great scarcity for lands and other properties. So, those who are looking forward to invest in massive parcels of land, Shirwal is the right choice. Invest in lands at Shirwal to enjoy huge benefits in the years to come.

One important aspect that is driving investors and buyers to this area is the affordability factor. As of now, properties in this area are in the affordable range. However, people from all walks of life can choose to invest in properties here. It is more ideal for the mid income and the lower mid income group.

Many builders are coming up with new projects in Shirwal. So, you can easily access the plots and properties in the area. There are plots, villas, row houses, bungalows, apartments of varying sizes and independent houses. Commercial units are available as well. Depending on your need, resort to a good developer and book your property as soon as possible. Experts suggest that the capital values of properties in Shirwal are bound to increase manifold in the years to come owing to excellent connectivity, development of social and physical infrastructure and presence of all necessary amenities in the proximity.

If you are running on a stringent budget, resort to a builder who can arrange housing loan in a convenient way. Recently, the RBI has reduced the interest rate for home loans. So, you can repay the loan amount in easy monthly installments. Make sure you verify all necessary documents before buying a property. It is advisable to consult with a legal advisor before signing the contract and purchasing the property.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, there is no arguing the fact that investing in a property in Shirwal is a great idea.