Hacking Amazon for better scope as a marketplace seller

Amazon is already the consumer’s favourite and now it’s slowly becoming the seller’s favourite too. The online marketplace already dominates in other countries and now it is in India too. With years of experience in ecommerce Amazon has been able to create the ultimate virtual selling environment. With most online sellers figuring how this platform can benefit them, it is not difficult understand why everyone keeps flocking there.

The rising number of online sellers will only build the competition on the marketplace making it difficult to stay competitive. So to help you hack the system, we have put together a list of hacks for online sellers:

Use the search bar for keywords

As you already know keywords are essential for consumers to find your product. But if you don’t know what keywords they are using it’s difficult to strategically insert them into your product related content. To do this you can use the Amazon search bar to look up keywords relevant to your goods. Accordingly you can inset them into your content. Note this tip can be used on other marketplaces as well.

Encourage customer feedback

Amazon actually provides online sellers consumer contact details. This gives you a way to reach out to consumers to leave valuable feedback and reviews. You can get in touch with them to take off negative feedback after settling their grievances if any. You can even encourage them to buy more from you if you receive positive feedback. You can either call up the consumer or send them a link to your product review page. It will make it easier for the consumer to rate and review you effectively. eBay also provides buyer contact information to online sellers.

Win the Amazon Buy Box

What is the Amazon Buy Box? It is a box that appears on a product page on Amazon. By clicking on the product options available in the buy boxes the consumer can choose the seller he wants to make a purchase from.

A buy box helps online sellers with the same products compete and provide consumers with the best shopping experience.

How do you get a Buy Box on Amazon?

Buy boxes are not simply handed out. There is a certain performance based criteria online sellers must fulfil first. The following qualifications are a must to become eligible for a buy box:

  • ODR (Order Defect Rate): We base ODR customer feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and chargebacks
  • Customer shopping experience offered on your goods, in terms of price, shipping options, delivery speed and 24×7 customer service (this includes sellers availing of Fulfilment by Amazon services)
  • Status as a Professional seller
  • Time and experience on the Amazon selling service
  • Other seller performance metrics

You need to note that your eligibility may change based on your performance over time. Good performance and low order defect rates can keep you in the buy box for a long time. Note not all categories are provided the buy box option.

How to increase your chances of earning an Amazon Buy Box?

a. Availability of stock

Make sure you have a sufficient amount of stock available. Sellers with no stock will not win a buy box. Also lack of stock can result in negative feedback and poor customer experience.

b. Competitive pricing

To set a competitive price you need to watch the marketplace and study your competitor’s prices. If the same product is being sold by multiple sellers the consumer is likely to choose the product with the most reasonable price.

c. Fulfilment

Provide as many shipping options as you can to your consumers. Again it helps with consumer experience. By using the Amazon Fulfilment option you can offer the ideal kind of deliver services to your consumers.

ASIN Piggybacking

ASIN is a Amazon Standard Identification Number. This number can be typed into the search bar to find the exact product it represents.

ASIN piggybacking involves finding a not so unique product and copying ASIN numbers of these products. Use it to identify the product’s manufacturers and determine how you can sell these same products. See if you can acquire the same products at a wholesale rate or a much lower price. You could also try to find a cheaper version of the same product. However, make sure you do not sell knock offs because it is unethical and can lead to penalties from the marketplace.

What other online marketplace hacks do you know of? Mention them in the comments below!

Originally published at indianonlineseller.com.