The Ultimate Guide For All Aspiring PMs

Let’s face it : it’s not easy preparing for an interview.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Pulling in that analogy, it does take a small village — your referral, your friends, your mentors, your mock practice partners and hopefully this article — to give a good interview. It took me a village.

If you want to be a good Product Manager, this is not the article for you. However, if you want to be a good Product Manager Interviewee, you've hit the target.

Let me give a brief intro: Hi, I’m Soundarya (aka Pooja) from…

It’s that time of the year again, when ‘internship’ becomes a chant-word and browsing about the types of internships available takes a heavy toll on Google. Remember, it’s more important to get something that you love rather something that your parents can be proud of or something to add to your Resume. This might sound like pedestrian advice, but we say it only because we’ve seen and experienced it.

Around this time last year, I too was struggling to get more information about various internships, asking certain ever-so-patient seniors and spending excessive time browsing. So it is only fair that…

This is it. The monster guide with resources, strategies and actionable tips to get your interview

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Getting interviews is like throwing darts at a board without experience. The more you throw, the higher the probability of it hitting the bull’s-eye. I’ve heard that analogy come up in more conversations than I care to remember. The strategies below won’t make you a dart-throwing aficionado overnight. But, they will help bring the target closer to you.

March 17th, 2021 05:26 PM

“I am currently sitting in a heated Yurt overlooking the Quail Hollow Ranch country park hugged by a thick, green blanket and my loyal jacket. I look around I see magic. The fact that I am able to type this right now is magic. The fact that I have internet connection in the middle of nowhere is magic. The fact that this Yurt has a fridge and lights and speakers and hammocks and heaters is magic. And the best part? I decided to come here less than 24 hours ago.” Taken from my journal.

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Language, fundamentally, is a lossy form of communication.

Executing it via a medium like email only makes it worse.

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When was the last time you opened up to someone about the most sacred moments from your past in an uninterrupted, non-judgemental setting filled with intent listening and empathy?

For me, it was yesterday.

A work-related call with a good friend yesterday turned into a 6-hour conversation of me opening up about the deepest (and in some way darkest) moments from my past.

After it ended, I felt emotionally carved out, in a good way. It was a fitting end to the worst year of my life (more on that in another article).

When I woke up today, I wanted…

Using Notion and Roam for GTD, Zettelkasten, and Progressive Summarization.

When I think about my childhood, only a few memories come to mind. Practicing for a dance show that me and my friends hosted every year for our 20 or so neighbors. Spilling milk all over myself as I resist my mom trying to make me drink it. Asking my brother to buy me a raspberry popsicle when we walked back from school. But overall, it all seems like a mushy potpourri mostly filled with seemingly random names and faces.

This has always unsettled me, not being able to recollect…

How our brain has evolved in consuming information and the need for an organized mind.

Recently, I was reading about the day in the life of celebrities. Don’t ask me why. It led me to reach two conclusions: first, I wouldn’t ever want to be a celebrity’s assistant, and second and more importantly, the biggest asset at the hands of celebrities is not money or status, rather time and focus.

‘These Highly Successful People — let’s call them HSPs — have many of the daily distractions of life handled for them, allowing them to devote all of their attention to…

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I never imagined living through a global pandemic. I was too young to remember both the dot com and the housing collapse (or maybe the effects of it weren’t too pronounced in my location in India). But the past few months, and more so the weeks, I see myself entrapped in a bubble layered with uncertainty, delusion, and optimism, in that order.

Impact on Markets

The first known cases of coronavirus began surfacing towards the end of December. Since then, the impact has been steady and unstoppable. It has now spread to over 114 countries, affecting 134,000 people, and causing 4,900 deaths. While…

How the rise of information overload gave rise to FOMO and the need for mindful consumption.

What does Tim Urban and William Zinsser have in common?

They both can take a piece of extremely convoluted topic and produce something that is a joy to read by processing it through an inbuilt computer — their brain. Interestingly, the 198 page spanning document I was reading about recently was on Neuralink and Brain-Machine Interfaces, written by Tim.

In one of the chapters, Tim kidnaps a fictional character named Bok who is supposedly our ancestor from 50,000 years ago, and brings him to…

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